Week 5 NFL Power Rankings Reaction Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fingering Things

Rams are too high and Bills are too low

    Phoenix Comments

    @Frantz Lenin Ahem have you his gloryness? He is almost as good as Nathan PeterMeme

    Frantz Lenin

    Phoenix Comments

    Don’t you dare disrespect The GOAT, The Legend, The Peterman by mentioning him in the same breath with Josh Allen.

    Phoenix Comments

    @Frantz Lenin I apologize. Please dont execute

    Frantz Lenin

    Phoenix Comments I’ll give you one time only pass

    Phoenix Comments

    @Frantz Lenin thank you so much I will be in debt for ever

Fingering Things

I felt like I wasted my time

    young Assassin

    You are toxic bandwagon for likes

    Phoenix Comments

    @young Assassin I mean I hate the rams alot but they are lower than the cowboys and I hate them more. And I might be biased but saints should be 1 (definitely biased)

    young Assassin

    @Phoenix Comments naw man this guy goes around on every other team video claiming his team took a pounding or his team did good that called a ban waggon fan

    Phoenix Comments

    @young Assassin Oh

    The Sports Boy


Jack Murphy

Anyone think the Lions are way better than this?

    C B

    Your team is legit. Go beat the Raiders and Broncos for us, we’ll take care of Vikings, Packers and Bears for you.. It’ll all work out.
    – Chiefs fan

    Noah Arkeologist

    @C B great game by the chiefs as well. It was a great game by two good teams.


    Jack Murphy yes. I believe had they won, they maybe ranked top 5. I actually expected the to drop. You see my man had no explanation for where that ranked, his boy had to save him. Hopefully we can move up even though we don’t play this week. We have 3 HUGE division games now.

    Noe Ramirez

    I swear the lions could go undefeated and win a superbowl and the NFL would still not give them any credit for it 🤦🏼‍♂️

Fingering Things

Alright which Eagles fan paid them?

    Uncle Shannon

    Endangered Memes hawks lost at home to the saints who the rams beat by 18 you think the Seahawks are about to win just because they lost to the Bucs lmao

    Dark World

    Alright wich cowboy fan is mad?

    Endangered Memes

    @Uncle Shannon lol watch when we get Ziggy, Reed, and Blair back


    @Uncle Shannon The bucs lost to the giants and beat the rams

    Uncle Shannon

    DepressedSonicsFan and the rams beat the saints browns and panthers Bucs was a bad lost but they still have more impressive wins than most teams Seattle definitely one

Sports 311

I hate this segment w/o Elliot Harrison, forever. 😂


Show starts at 6:05

    Phoenix Comments

    @NFL are you sure it’s not because of refs?

    Bryan Ouellet

    @Phoenix Comments it’d be in braille if it was because of the refs.

    Phoenix Comments

    @Bryan Ouellet Good Point

    Phoenix Comments

    @NFL Also bring back Elliot. He is better than everyone their. It was at least accurate and decent when he was there.

daniel preece


Cryomaniac dm

What happened to Elliot doing the rankings

    Sean S.

    Cryomaniac dm he must’ve got promoted?…idk 🤔

Phoenix Comments

This is almost as disappointing as my saints losing to the Vikings do to the Minneapolis Miricale (But ae are 3 which makes meh very happy.)


Why do people think Seattle is still good?

    Uncle Shannon

    Gibster Fr they are overrated asf

    Comfortable Peasant

    Naw man Seahawks winning tomorrow

    Uncle Shannon

    Comfortable Peasant we will see

Monitors of Decorum & Decency

The Rams are ranked far too high… plus, the Seahawks should DEFINITELY be above the Rams, probably at the number 8 spot.

    Uncle Shannon

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency how? Because they lost to the Bucs ? Y’all lost to the saints who the rams beat by 18


13:34 NINERS


mann wat happened to Elliot and mjd

ThatOneGuy 123

Lions are too low

ThatOneGuy 123

Bills are too low

ThatOneGuy 123

Replace the Eagles with literally any 3-1 team

Luis Romero

I thought the NFL would listen to our requests, we should riot…

Jacob Pettey

So he uses injuries to justify putting the Eagles so high but doesn’t acknowledge that the Lions almost beat the Chiefs while missing a bunch of starters? Keep sleeping #OnePride

Hejdin VLOGS

I am hating frogs and I hate this

Jacrispie Jackson

So the titans and Texans and colts are all 2-2 and the titans have more points for and less points against but the Texans and colts are above us? Gay

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