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    Poop in a bucket

    Swat Highlights No

    Nicole Gasque

    Cynthia love u !!! Ur beautiful lady👩

    OTF_ Rowdy

    Need one Evan Engram or Zach Ertz

    Scrambled eggs Got deleted

    OTF_ Rowdy Evan hasn’t looked good but the Eagles team doesn’t look that good but I’m going go with zack

    Soulless One

    Thanks nfl very cool

drummerdude 199

You missed the browns vs 49ers game nice

Ryan Elston

Cynthia says every game will be 26-24 or 27-21 like bruh what?

    Christian Campbell

    This b*tch has no idea what the f*ck she’s talking about. Some kind of strategy of hers, I guess, but it just makes her sound like an idiot.

    Caleb_ _MTZ

    Every score is so obscure and unrealistic. Weird how 90% of all scores are in the 20s and the difference is a touchdown or less. We all know why she’s on the show at the end of the day.

    Ryan Elston

    Christian Campbell I wouldn’t call her dumb but I dont know why she says every game will be so close and not say a score she actually thinks will happen

Christian Campbell

Please fire Cynthia or give her like 3 more years of training.

    Scrambled eggs Got deleted

    Cough cough 21-24 cough cough

    V S

    They will never fire her.. shes a beast in the sack

    TheAwesomeSosa 123

    Christian Campbell they ain’t gonna fire her. She stays on her show by spreading her legs

Coley Cakes

I’ve got 23-21 most defiantly a football score

    Tha BrownMamba

    It could happen, but would be very unlikely

    Coley Cakes

    Tha BrownMamba ik but my point is that all her scores were stupid

Joe Chelli

I love how they say that the Steelers last night wasn’t good enough to beat the ravens when nobody complains that Tom Brady dink and dunks his way to 6 Super Bowls 🤦‍♂️


    Joe Chelli what are you even saying

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    What are you saying, I don’t understand.


    What lol


She’s back guys 😔😔

    Rio Santos


    D Flatt

    I bet you’d like to see more mennnnssss.


    D Flatt I know ten women who can replace her and do a way better job

Nicole Gasque

Cynthia is sooo hott

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

My predictions

Upset of the week : Steelers
Lock of the week 🔒: Patriots
Game of the week : Browns, 49ers

    Tenno Tube2


    Scrambled eggs Got deleted

    This is all good but game of the week I think is going be Cowboys vs packers

    Scrambled eggs Got deleted

    Lets go pats

    Colin Pelzer

    Did you guys just forget Hawks and Rams? That’s arguably game of the year

    michael musser

    Guys I know this is the game but Denver has a winning a lot charges has been unloading a lot coming Denver this is Chargers and this is a team who’s going to win it Denver wash boys you going to see this this game will be for the Denver Broncos I got you my boys Denville come on you got this.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Football starts in 20 minuets!

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Can’t Believe all the games are at 1:00

PennywiZe Addict27

Saints Defense Is STACKED And Underrated

Sean S.

I’m sorry, but when you put on a Batman type mask, would you automatically think that person is OUT???

Sean S.

Does the black dude not know what Superman looks like? Lol embarrassing

Gina Kamaru

🔴 Live now here 👉 « telegra.ph/NFL-Week-5-ALL-Game-10-06 »

Chop Chop

I like how every single person when speaking about Teddy Bridgewater says…I don’t wanna call him a game manager but yeah…….game manager! Just say what you mean! You’re not gunna hurt his feelings!


Cards taking a dub today

Tha BrownMamba

Chythina is the total package she loves football and is sexy as hell. That’s all I need.


Spoiler Alert

They picked the Patriots to beat the Redskins.Who wouldve guessed…

    TheAwesomeSosa 123

    DontSpamSquare- very disrespectful on their part. Redskins are an elite team.

Jonathan Lamb!

Wow! Packers losing😡

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