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Week 4 Power Rankings!

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings.

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Da Sports Fan Reply

Dolphins too high

    Michael Talley Reply

    @RWT And then Clemson and then Ohio State and THEN the Dolphins.

    People's Republic of Monsila Reply


    Jordan Reply

    Da Sports Fan lmaooo

    SiX Reply


    Hillary LeFrere Jr. Reply

    @C B lol dirtcheeks 😂

Labyrinth9000 Reply

Steelers are officially a garbage tier team.

    Mugen Champloo Reply

    Days of our Steelers finna be 🔥

    Nemo 05 Reply

    @Bill Rudolph keep in mind that was 2005

    LSJ Martin Reply

    @Bill Rudolph what u mean

    BrightEon Reply

    No chance for Wildcard but Steelers can still win AFC North. Or… Tomlin should be fired because they suck.

Erik Tallos Reply

I am certainly not a Ravens fan but to drop them 6 spots from losing to the 2nd best team on the road by 5? Come on now

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Kyrin Locken Bill’s and rams are the most overrated teams. They pull up the Bill’s so Patriots vs them looks good in weak conference. After all Bill’s won vs Bengals jeez.

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Kenny Cai the media is weird that way. Their overreaction bumps the vikes up by one spot. If they reacted that way with the vikes vs packers game vikes would had been into 20th place lol.

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Kenny Cai most of us in NFL north thinks rams are the most overrated team in recent memories but to drop the tough respectable ravens that hard is ridiculous.

    why dalukaton Reply

    @Jake Davis they lost to a team at home with a backup that hasnt started in years…

    why dalukaton Reply

    @Chukky ig ur one of those ignorant ppl who didnt watch enough of the game to know that there were two bullshit roughing the passer calls on the bears as well…

Pac Meez Reply

Appreciate the respect you giving my Niners. We gonna see more about them when they play Cleveland

    James Burstedt Reply

    Considering the way the Browns have looked this far, plus with the Niners coming off a bye week and well rested, should be a very winnable Monday Night Football game.

    TaticalStealth Reply

    James Burstedt the defense should handle mayfield with that d line he can’t make a read to save his life

    Nico Sotomayor Reply

    Man our defense is still underrated at this point. Jimmy is still shaking off the rust too. Lets gooooooo #7!

    Angel Cadena Reply

    Pac Meez LMAO. y’all are goin to destroy Brown’s. they choke TOO much xD

    Mr. Lightskin Reply

    Hopefully we can stop OBJ and Jarvis Landry, but i know my Niners are gonna come up with a victory….i hope.

Tamoi Williams Reply

Every team in the nfc north is in the top 15 what a time to be alive

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Detroit Sports247 weirdo

    Dean Toma Reply

    Cortez I could tell from the bandwagon approach you take

    Cortez Reply

    @Dean Toma I’ve been a fan since I was 7 or 8. Idk what bandwagon you’re referring to. And if you could tell idk why you said 0-3 cuz that’s far from the truth.

    Detroit Sports247 Reply

    @this avatar is hated by democrats lol

    Detroit Sports247 Reply

    @John Gray now when we win remember your comment

Krypticsz Reply

Ravens drop 6 because they lost to a powerhouse team on the road? Idk about that one. Yes questionable coaching decisions but they played their game.

    Ed Ar Reply

    The power rankings are not only based on win/loss (which would give you the top 10 automatically if your undefeated), though also the points for and points against. Which is why the the Pats are #1, the Bills are #6, and the Ravens are #11. Just because they didn’t face hard teams doesn’t mean anything its just based on stats per game.

    LAMOOOW Reply

    @Ed Ar if you say that then why are the vikings or bears higher with worse records, kek

    Ed Ar Reply

    @LAMOOOW Are you dumb? Did you not read what I just wrote? The points for and points against also matter. If you actually looked at the scores of the Bears and Vikings who are also 2-1 along with the Ravens. Guess what the difference is, oh yeah the points they got. Both those teams got 30+ points for whereas the points against them were around 10-15. The last game the Ravens had 28 points for and points against were 33. So yes educate yourself a bit more next time before you try to tell me something I actually bothered to learn about.

Sean Skove Reply

The Ravens are so disrespected. The bills are #6 and the Ravens are #11. Did the person who made this list watch any of the games this season?

    D 21 Reply

    パンク / punk if the Bills had played the chiefs like Baltimore did, the Bills would not be 3-0. It’s power rankings, not standings. The Ravens are a better team

    Lenny Leonard Reply

    Bill’s are better than the ravens, simple.

    Sean Skove Reply

    The power ranking is clearly a flawed system on determining elite teams from rebuilding teams like the bills. Name the star players for the Bills I doubt you could name 3. Wait till the end of the year to see the Bills’ record.

    ThatIntaminGuy Reply

    @Lenny Leonard Hush till week 14. 🤣

03 AI Reply

Bills is #6?? They are certainly 3-0, but the teams that have defeated are Jets, Giants and Bengals😂

    Fortnite Sucks Reply

    03 AI that’s a major stretch

    nickolas Yacone Reply

    03 AI 🧂

    LP6 Sports Reply

    Nick but they’re defending champs so you want them to drop for no reason?

    JordanDaGoat x Reply

    @Nick blown out every team we’ve played, and coming off a sb win…

Orbitz _ Reply

Bills win by 4 to a bottom 3 team and they move up six spots?

    Orbitz _ Reply

    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan no the pats didn’t even move

    BlueOrBlew Reply

    Orbitz _ You realize it goes off of performance that week? Bills are 3-0 and performing better than the Ravens, which is why they are #6 and that’s why the Ravens dropped a lot.

    Orbitz _ Reply

    @BlueOrBlew that is so false, if the cowboys were 0-15 and blew out the 15-0 pats 127- 0 they would not be number 1

    Broncos4life Reply

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Not real y since they have the second highest point differential in NFL history while the Bills are barely squeaking by to some of the worst teams in the NFL.

Brady Potter Reply

*Loses by five points to second best team in the League*
Welp, down 6 to number 11 you go!

    RAVIGINGSTAR100 Gaming Reply

    @FullMetal Raven no not a bad game our secondary was awesome we almost kept Hollywood out of the game

    Reaper Reply

    @RAVIGINGSTAR100 Gaming I’m not al lions fan

    RAVIGINGSTAR100 Gaming Reply

    @ThatIntaminGuy actually rn lions are 2-0-1 so technically undefeated so technically better record than the Ravens so technically a better team *so far* Sunday that will change

    RAVIGINGSTAR100 Gaming Reply

    @Reaper ik that now

Frosted Ice Pharoah Reply

How on earth are the 49ers and Ravens below Buffalo?

    Dolphins 2021🔥 Reply

    Frosted Ice Pharoah 49ers I understand but ravens I don’t

    O M V R Reply

    49ers shouldn’t be in the top 10 to begin with but I agree with the Ravens

    ben74ish Reply

    They must fear the mafia?

    Apple Sucks Reply

    @Dolphins 2021🔥 49ers u understand? niners completely dominated bengals in Cincinnati and bills barely beat them at home.

    Jose Lara Reply

    Apple Sucks just some haters bro, Bang Bang Niner gang!!

Justin Woller Reply

All NFC north teams are top 15 absolutely crazy

    Hugo Soup Reply

    Liam Svanoe Exactly what I noticed.

    LAMOOOW Reply

    NFC north baby, Vikings gonna be #1 in the end tho

    Raptormann0205 Reply

    Honestly, I could see all four of those teams winning the NFC North this year. Crazy competitive.

    fizzle mygrizzle Reply

    @LAMOOOW If we beat the Bears I think we’ll take #1 but if we lose I think we’ll go 8-8 again

ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

Oh how the Steelers has fallen from grace

    spiced Reply

    @Bill Rudolph They won the 08′ superbowl against the Cardinals, The patriots won the 05′ superbowl

    Bill Rudolph Reply

    @spiced My bad ,lol

Ballistik Reply

49ers should switch spots with the Bill’s

    Mark Michalek Reply

    That be cool if week 4 they played each other.

    Jose Lara Reply

    Niners would smack the bills no Cap, Both the bills and niners have not played “great” teams but niners have the 2nd best ranked defense and 5th ranked offense

    Mike Miller Reply

    Jose Lara buffalo has the 8th offense and 5th defense . Your acting like there is a very huge gap

    Laszlo Nemeth Reply

    no, 49ers are also too high up. 49ers should change with Ravens.
    Bills should change place with New Orleans, then change that new place with Colts.

    Ballistik Reply

    @Jose Lara agreed

Fingering Things Reply

Bills at 6? For beating the jets giants and bengals? While the ravens are at 11 after losing by one touch down to the number 2 team?

    Vita Sankz Reply

    I’m a bills fan I agree were not that good yet but our defense is legit and josh allen is getting better don’t sleep on us

    HTX 713 Reply

    Dumb af and I aint even a Ravens fan

    nickolas Yacone Reply

    Fingering Things salttttt🔵🔴🔵🔴

    coreyswag29 Reply

    @fortntiev vv 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    jovana Panovska Reply


wydjohnny Reply

Y’all crazy the ravens are definitely higher then 11. I didn’t think losing to the chiefs would bring them that low

    Jack White Reply

    wydjohnny they are better then the Bills but every other team is better.

ExtraSalt Reply

In the microscopic, absolutely impossible chance that the Bills beat the Patriots, would the Patriots fall 6 spots like the Ravens did?

    Mr America Reply

    No they’ll stay at #1 #FUCKNE

    Rob TouchDownSki Reply

    Hahaha, the Dolphins are more likely to make a 13-3 season record comeback then the Bills beating the Patriots.

    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @Evan Mitsakis yupyupyup

    why dalukaton Reply

    @Alex Rivas Yeaaaaa no. I agree that the Patriots will most likely win but the Bills were ranked 2nd in defense last year only behind the Ravens. It’s not like their defense has gotten any worse since then.

    Alex Rivas Reply

    why dalukaton I’m not saying the defense has gotten worse. But the Patriots were an elite defensive team In the last 6 games of last season and they brought in some key players this season and their defense has even gotten so much much better. Patriots will finish top 1 in defense this season. I’m 100% sure of it. That being said, the Pats offense is also more refined than the Bills. I believe it’ll be 27-12 patriots

Sean Green Reply

I’m a Bills fan and as much as I like that we’re 3-0, we are NOT better than Baltimore. We’ll see how good we really are against the patriots this Sunday.

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon Reply

    @FF noob pumpington wow, just wow, you guys win 3 games in a row and suddenly think the bills are better than the Ravens, but what’s worse is you think *JOSH ALLEN* is better than the goat himself Lamar Jackson. Stop capping

    Sam C. Reply

    Go Bills!

    Pastafarian Noodle Reply

    @yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon ey, let em brag about the 3-0 man. At the end of the season,when the bills are 7-9 and missed the playoffs, they’ll think back, “at least we started 3-0”.

    LAMOOOW Reply

    lmfao Bills fans theink they’re better than the bears, vikings, lions

    LAMOOOW Reply

    @Pastafarian Noodle facts

Optic Slim Reply

It feels good as a 49er; not to be in the beginning of the video🤘

    Erique Reply

    Niner Gang

    jovana Panovska Reply


    this avatar is hated by democrats Reply

    @mrblackbeard 13 Bengals and Steelers sucks

    mrblackbeard 13 Reply

    @Sebastian B nobody said superbowl yet numbnuts

    Brandon Sandoval Reply

    I feel you brother. The Faithful are gonna do wonders this season

Ryan O'Mara Reply

Niners at 7 let’s goooo!!!!!

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