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NFL Reply

We live streamed this so until the front slate edit takes place the show starts at 13:45

MIN vs CHI – 13:45

JAC vs DEN – 19:44

NE vs BUF – 27:12

KC vs DET – 34:01

TB vs LAR – 39:45

SEA vs ARI – 47:30

CLE vs BAL – 51:39

CAR vs HOU – 58:47

TEN vs ATL – 1:06:23

WAS vs NYG – 1:11:46

LAC vs MIA – 1:15:57

OAK vs IND – 1:19:25

DAL vs NO – 1:22:35

CIN vs PIT – 1:26:16

    Easytokillme Reply

    Why did you not cover the eagles and Packers? Did you guys really forget that or am I missing something

    Bass Mover Reply

    Easytokillme they don’t do Thursday night football unfortunately

    Nathan Stallfus Reply

    @Bass Mover they cover the Thursday night game on the podcast before this one.

    Byron Mendez Reply

    I clicked because of time stamps 😊

    Undiscovered Videos Reply

    NFL THANK YOU 🙏🏻 for doing this lol

Reg Nash Reply

1:22:28 cowboys saints

    Kynx Reply

    This will be a good matchup.

    Sean S. Reply

    They’ve already timestamped it….as the title states

    ᴄᴏᴡʙᴏʏs ɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Reply

    @Sean S. I wasn’t here early enough but sometimes they take a little to do it so he might’ve gotten it first

    Reg Nash Reply

    @Sean S. They had not done it when I watched, otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

Garritt Mahoney Reply

I can’t wait for the lions too totally make these idiots seem so dumb

    kc 3182x Reply

    It seems you can’t handle the truth!! Lol!!

Kevin Pawl Reply

I know a whale

My dad

Da Sports Fan Reply

They really needed 14 minutes to start the show

Kevin Pawl Reply

Redskins giants 1 hour 11 mins

Kevin Pawl Reply

Steelers bengals 1 hour 27 min

Armando Larsen Reply


David Howe Reply

leonard fournette is a disaster? watch the games you so called experts he runs into 8 and 9 man boxes still, Gardner is throwing one on ones because of this.

Eli 3li Reply


Optimus 49er Reply

Hello I like the 49ers and they are 3-0 yup😎

    Santizo BRZ Reply

    They are not making the playoffs.

    Them_Eyes_Thou Reply

    Let’s be real do you really think that’s going to last long ? Or go to the postseason? Be real

Michael McDermott Reply

This is not at all suprising, the NFL has never supported the Lions and they never will. We will see how they play against the Lions defense. Detroit verses everyone.

Nathan Stallfus Reply

They need to make a graphic for when Marc changes his mind about his lock of the week. Lol

Horns Up Sports Reply

Y’all help a homie out and peep my new week 4 predictions vid 👀

Ik I’m a clown for begging and tbh my vids aren’t anything special but it would mean a lot 🙏🔥

Angry-est Reply

My money tag got picked 🙂

nate k Reply

The Legendary ATN Heroes are back to save the day.

David Gusman Reply

This season is about paytryarks natives and cowboys and matrayarks.

David Gusman Reply

The spirit of the game is seldom a factor hence the Browns of last sn

CQ Channel Reply


The Marker Reply

gotta say its a shame whats happened to nfl network… i appreciate these programs but its just not the same without the old format/crew

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