Week 4 NFL Power Rankings Reaction Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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God Emperor Doom Reply

Cynthia frelund is the biggest Cowboys hater I’ve ever seen

    Whereyahidin Reply


    God Emperor Doom Reply

    Whereyahidin nothing wrong with hating them but it’s a problem when you completely disrespect the team just because you don’t like them.

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Saints over Dallas really 😂

    TV해피 Reply


Luca Picker Reply

Bring back Elliot Harrison please

Sports 311 Reply

STILL, No Elliot Harrison. These people in that room, are not people that I wanna see do rankings

    ImAHottDogg Reply

    I like Cynthia. She knows what she’s talking about

    Luke S Reply

    This seasons rankings show is so bad

    Texas Sports TV Reply

    Well, here are my rankings

    Matt Merino Reply


    陳心晨 Reply


NFL Reply

We live streamed this first so the show starts at 6:21 until the YouTube edit takes place and the front slate is removed… thank you for all of your kind words and understanding!

    Sean S. Reply

    Joe Lopez3168 did you just get triggered because they told you when it starts? You must be a liberal lmao

    Dooky Reply

    Even the NFL acknowledges this, and they uploaded the video 🤦‍♂️

    Soo Im Ghost Reply

    Bring back Elliot and MJD this cast has no energy and no chemistry and is totally clueless.

    Inderjeet Samplay Reply

    Please bring back Elliot Harrison and Maurice Jones Drew. If they aren’t coming back give us a reason why.

    TV해피 Reply


3lement2010 Reply

You dont see a difference in our offense??? You clearly dont watch the games.

    bob bob Reply

    Crispy Chris thats their job i guess.

    3lement2010 Reply

    @Crispy Chris Nah. The only delusional NFL fanbase are the Cowboys.

    Crispy Chris Reply

    @3lement2010 Thats one thing every NFL fanbase can agree on

    陳心晨 Reply


PKPNYT47 Reply

So Niners creamed the Bengals and the Bills squeaked by and they are a better team? They also played crappier teams than the Niners thus far… Also, that Ravens ranking is just wrong.

    Trevor Ward Reply

    @Fallen Saint lol if you say so

    bob bob Reply

    neither the niners or bills are that good. how bout that?

    陳心晨 Reply


    Nicodemus Lancaster Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X Half of those turnovers were just unlucky bounces and tips. Plus the defense is tied for the second most takeaways on the year right now. They have at least one interception on every game this year. On top of that the Pats have only played trash teams but people say they have the best defense and a top 2 offense in the league. I want to see what would happen to that D if they played a real team like Chiefs.

Matt Olivier Reply

get rid of tan jacket man

Orbitz _ Reply

Oh no it’s according to my model girl

EJ Reply

We lose by 5 to the chiefs and now we drop 6 spots ??.. Dude who are these Guys

    Whereyahidin Reply

    That’s a dream matchup. Y’all def top ten.

    Hotshot 14380 Reply

    I’m a Giants fan, don’t know near anything about the Ravens, and I totally agree. That loss of 6 was way to harsh. On the road, incredibly good plays by both teams, against the chiefs, the second best team in the league, that don’t add up.

    Danny Sanchez Reply

    Fallen Saint and they finally played a real team lol

    TV해피 Reply


Mario Kart Tour Reply

NFL smoking something HARD because they STILL haven’t put Elliot Harris back in his rightful place

Ryan Huff Reply

Cynthia you can’t match your clothes let alone know anything about football. Just stop

    FACE OF BEAR Reply

    I can’t stand that woman.

    Soulus Reply

    I think she’s cool.

    Ben Clarky Reply

    What do you mean ‘match your clothes?’

    Ryan Huff Reply

    She’s wearing a blue striped like shirt and green dress pants that don’t go together. I like I said she don’t know how to dress, let alone know anything about football. Smh

    Ben Clarky Reply

    @Ryan Huff I don’t see how they don’t go together? They seem to match quite nicely. Also, ‘you can’t match your clothes’, isn’t a proper sentence, so… maybe you should stop? You can’t even match your words mate!

Run 2 Salvation Reply

They should make a brown paper bag emoji for the worst teams! 😂

Sean S. Reply

Carson Wentz = the most overrated player in football

    Kelly Feeney Reply

    Your right

    HTX 713 Reply

    You may be right

metalheadofrock Reply

Jimmy G literally threw the game winning touchdown when we needed him to be clutch.

    Vansh Shah Reply

    metalheadofrock ikr this guy is talking abt how Josh Allen rallied the Bills lead them to a score when they needed it…. JimmyG did the SAME exact thing TWICE against the Steelers, Everytime the Steelers got ahead, Jimmy lead the niners to a touchdown!

Almon Joseph Reply

Miss Elliot Harrison and MJD power ranking reaction show

Simran Kang Reply

Where’s Elliot Harrison, Power Rankings isn’t the same without him.

da0ud Reply

Cynthia is here, auto thumb down, closing the video. Enjoy her ‘model’ calls.

Tejsh Desai Reply

Cynthia only works here so the NFL doesn’t get accused of sexism

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    That’s why most teams have one female

    Skinz Reply

    Absolute fact. She’s so useless

Tyron Smith Reply

Eagles are not in the mix stop talking about them

Crex MM Reply

Why does Cynthia still have the rams in the top 5 Jesus get her off the show.

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