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Fingering Things

Game of the week will be the godly Dolphins taking on the clutch Chargers


    I’m a small person who makes nfl vids. Thanks

    Fabian T

    Ez win for chargers

    Cjackson -_-

    It’s actually the cowboys game


you couldnt edit out the 6 minutes of nothing at the beginning?

    Juju’s Bike

    Fevo i was thinking the same like wtf 😂😂

Fingering Things

Why do they predict every game to be close

    Chris Bowman

    So they don’t look like idiots

Fingering Things

These hosts would predict a Dolphins Pats game to be within a touchdown

Jon Davis

Defensive guy speaking here-
If any of u dudes planning to take the under for the morning games. Take the under first quarter for giants skins. If any first quarter unders it would be that one. Not saying it’s great but it’s the best one outta all of them

Tech Unboxing Videos

Anyone watching any NFL games today… Have a phenomenal day and rest of 2019!!!

    Monthxz YT

    Tech Unboxing Videos watching lions vs cheifs and vikings vs bears (im a vikings fan and we play at 3:25)

    Gamer Boi

    @Monthxz YT I’m a lions fan

    Tech Unboxing Videos

    @Monthxz YT I’ll be watching thanks for sharing


Show starts at 6:15

    Rodrigo Montero

    Date of the superbowl

    Alex Saucedo

    N F L.
    SEATTLE over arizona
    SEATTLE wins on the road again
    SEATTLE. 27
    arizona 17….

Cjackson -_-

Easyclapzzzz for the boys

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Week 4 Predictions

Upset of the week : Lions

Lock : Chargers

Game of the week : Vikings Bears

    Chad M

    That lions prediction was pretty close

Griffin S

Mind taking out the edited six minutes

Stan ezen

Colts 18, Raiders 14

Jason Merrill


Gina Kamaru

🔴 Live now here 👉 « telegra.ph/nfl-live-09-29 »

The digital_dave

haha Yeah the Bills Defense is so “legit” they beat 3 garbage teams that wont even be in playoff talks. AND btw they were all close games!

    Frantz Lenin

    Lol they struggled to beat three of the worst teams in the league and delusional Bills fans think they’re going to the super bowl haha. Josh Allen is a turnover machine, reality comes to Buffalo this Sunday.

Gamer Boi



I’m geussing the my top five pick for the afc to go to the super bowl are patriots browns chiefs Steelers and ravens for the nfc the rams the saints the cowboys Vikings and the eagles


    Hope the super bowl is browns vs Vikings it’s fair


Let’s go patriots 🏈😎❤️🐐

Will Moffett

The “analytics” person is talking about “historically good” after 3 games? What are her credentials, I’m wondering, because she is clueless.

Merle Thies

Great show as always

Ricky Rex

“The Vikings can just hand it off to Dalvin Cook.” Yea ok bro, Bears defense is something serious. Never disrespect me again lmfao. Look at Cooks stats

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