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Show starts at 12:24 until edit process takes place and front slate is removed

    Garrett Hampton

    NFL thank you

    Stevie Armstrong

    #NFL It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN

    Make the Ravens get Jalen Ramsey.

    Randy Duke


    tht one Guy

    What happened to Elliot Harrison’s reaction show??????? #BringBackHarrison


2:45 why can’t every pro be like Larry


Week Two Power Rankings

32. Dolphins
31. Jets
30. Giants
29. Redskins
28. Jaguars
27. Bengals
26. Broncos
25. Panthers
24. Buccaneers
23. Raiders
22. Cardinals
21. Lions
20. Titans
19. Colts
18. Saints
17. Bills
16. Steelers
15. Browns
14. Falcons
13. Bears
12. Vikings
11. Chargers
10. Texans
9. Eagles
8. Seahawks
7. 49ers
6. Packers
5. Ravens
4. Cowboys
3. Chiefs
2. Rams
1. Patriots

Might be jumping the gun on the 49ers, but eh what are you gonna do

    Westcoast 57257

    Donald Trump Jr. X Bengals locked u up. Bucs defense is a solid unit. Niners dropped more picks in that game. The bad decisions was all the pressure adding up.

    Westcoast 57257

    Donald Trump Jr. X We just put up 500+ of total offense and 40+ pts.

    Westcoast 57257

    2Keen To give a what Just excuses. Mike Evans said himself the Niners defense was much improved from last year. Stop making excuses. Film dnt lie.

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @Westcoast 57257 The bad decisions were Winston being a bad QB not pressure lol. Winston trash so getting turnovers multiple times and then it still being a relatively close game is embarrassing

    Westcoast 57257

    Donald Trump Jr. X Where we’re the turnovers vs Carolina?? Y’all should of lost to Cincy. They had y’all beat. That’s embarrassing.

Alejandro Frade

What happened to Elliot Harrison? It would be awesome to see him and the Hanz doing this show.

    Donald Esposito

    Alejandro Frade The NFL is rigged… here is the commissioner admitting it to the world… https://youtu.be/A6GJcOS1dD4

Jonathan Tapia

I miss Elliot Harris


That computer simulation is gonna embaress her

Chris Spencer

Lets Go BUFFALO!!! we chopping away at that ranking baby!

    thomas falzone

    @Chris Spencer hahahaha so true, dude just be happy for other teams who wastes their time finding other people enjoying their teams victories and being like, “I’m gonna tell them they suck hahahaha” nothin better to do bud?

    Chris Spencer

    @thomas falzone smile and wave boys smile and wave. Lol haters gonna hate.

    scratch and vending dude

    2-0 defending sb champs new england Patriots 👀👀

    Chris Spencer

    @scratch and vending dude I’m happy for u. I guess it will be extra interesting week 4. C ya then bud

    scratch and vending dude

716 Beast

Cynthia doesn’t know anything about football

    A Moose

    @Joe Morales she ain’t even cute bruh

    Real Talk

    @DR. SAVAGE The final scores will be 23-21, 24-21, 24-22, 23-20

    Real Talk

    Premier NFL personality with the weight of several Madden AI vs AI matches with 5 minute quarters to back up her numbers.

    Rahww Gebrai


Nuclear Walnut

God please bring back Harrison

Kenneth Lovelace

this WAS my favorite power rankings show but no elliot harrison :/

Me Media For You

Why no Eliot????? He was much better!

Josh Nichols

Who is this lady doesn’t have a clue about what she is talking about


    @Broncos4life blake is using the ability *sarcasm*

    its a new thing, i dont blame you for missing it.


    DR. SAVAGE Yeah there’s nothing in his comment to indicate he’s being sarcastic bud. And if he was then he needs to make it more clear when communicating over a medium that doesn’t convey tone.

    Real Talk

    Annalise? Analyst? Go back to school.

    Rahww Gebrai



Just came to downvote and say this is hot trash. Where t f is Elliot, MJD and the crew?

kremit the hampster

i miss elliot 🙁 he had more accurate predictions. who puts the bears at 9 and falcons arent in the top half
also cowboys at 6

Stanley White

Miss Elliot Harrison show ngl wasn’t fifty minutes long and was way better

Nahom Delelu

Cynthia is too high on the eagles

Krystian Pawlowski

Really? Dolphins at 32. I have them at 33 behind Clemson.


This woman is a clown

Cat Man

Worst rankings show ever… these guys know nothing about football, plus way too many commercials to watch!!

Lars E

Power Rankings are NOT about the schedule of a team but about how good they are RIGHT NOW
Give us back Elliot Harrison!

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