Week 3 NFL Game Picks!

Week 3 NFL Game Picks!

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Wafflez Reply

They should bring back Elliot, no one wants to hear Cynthia’s projections

    FalconNator HD Reply

    Wafflez Real Talk 💯!

    AHeadedSlinky 234 Reply

    I know get back in the kitchen

Raging_Crocodile Reply

Absolutely nobody:
Not even god himself:


EvErY TEaM WiLl bE 8-8 aNd EVerY GaMe WIlL Be 28 – 24

    L.V. Legit Reply

    Like she doesn’t even put effort. Haha

    Christian Campbell Reply

    These videos aren’t even worth watching for that reason. Can’t take their opinions seriously.

    Rickthesiz ‘ Reply


    LSJ Martin Reply

    Imagine that actually happening tho

    Frosted Ice Pharoah Reply


Brian Q Reply

Why is Cynthia still here

    Barry Lee Reply

    Are you serious LOL?

    Nolan Templeton Reply

    @Chop Chop LOL. Just cooked everyone

    shav12 Reply

    Political correctness

    AHeadedSlinky 234 Reply

    I know get in the kitchen

Javier Duran Reply

Why is Cynthia here, get Elliot back much funnier and actually variates from only 20s games

Teo Strong Reply

These guys are horrible, bring back Elliot Harrison

    Quang h.oang Reply

    True Colors shut up idiot

    D Davis Reply

    Elliot Harrison made me alot of money!!! Miss that guy!!

    Above All Reply

    What happened to him btw?

    Smart Kid Jimmy Reply

    Mainly Cynthia

    Michael Gomez Reply

    They just don’t have the frame of mind & charisma of Elliot. He gave you full well thought out opinions.

Killa Cam0714 Reply

Every Game 24-20 according to Cynthia

    Jesus Rayo Reply

    Killa Cam0714 lol

    3eeToe Reply

    Thomas Urech
    Madden 20 supersim

    Thomas Urech Reply

    Mandalorian Legion she talks about her model a lot. Having a computer do all the predicting for you seems a lot easier than making up numbers. In fact, the armchair sports analysts in the YouTube comments section are *actually* pulling numbers out of their butts – but that’s all anyone can do tbh. Going with your gut for something as trivial as sports scores actually makes a lot more sense than trying to make a computer do it for you.

    Cork Magnet Reply

    @Thomas Urech tell that to the bookies.

thoth111 Reply

Cyndi comes in with 10 SEASONS of madden simulations….. rofl

Sports 311 Reply

Where’s Elliot Harrison when we needed him?

Dylan Webster Reply

9:35 I love how nobody even mentions that this dude talking about the Vikings and how he doesn’t trust cousins at QB even though they talking about packers vs broncos.

    Dead Viking Reply

    These people are clowns.

    Paradise Studios Reply

    And then he’s just like yeah

    Hunter Harbaugh Reply

    Yeah I was hoping someone called him out

    TripleThePugg Reply

    i think he might’ve been talking about last week vikings played the packers

Zachary Flynn Reply

As long as it’s these 3, I’m not watching these anymore.

    Ronstopable01 Reply

    Zachary Flynn they definitely need to get rid of RosenPENIS!!!…

    Just a blue banana Reply

    the three stooges

    FalconNator HD Reply

    Zachary Flynn On Gaude!!!

Mike Oz Reply

9:45 What a great idea. Why don’t the Packers play the Vikings instead.

    Collin House Reply

    Haha right? I was thinking the same thing 😂

Bailey Caulkins Reply

Anyone else notice on the thumbnail they put the saints and the seahawks twice?

    sport dude Reply


    Will Parker Reply

    Thanks, I didn’t notice that one

    Jason W Reply

    Probably becuase the Thursday game was already played and they wanted a nice grid of 4×4

Jaime Garcia Reply

Ravens vs Chiefs should have been the Sunday nighter and this is coming from a Browns fan

    Christopher Tutson Reply

    Yeah! New Orleans vs Seahawks should be the evening games instead Dallas vs Miam.

    John Carter Reply

    Flex scheduling usually doesn’t begin until the last four weeks of the season.

Jurassic Shark Reply

Jesus Christ Cynthia, not every game will be within one score, every game she had was within 7 points except for 2

    Jeremy Helms Reply

    Most games are decided with 1 score

    Cataya Reply

    Jurassic Shark she does computer simulations and just takes the average of it, so it’s always gonna be around a one score difference. Idk why they still keep her predictions around no one likes them lol

    Andrew Wing Reply

    Cynthia: Every game in the NFL…20 something to 20 something

Rich Solo Reply

Get the woman off the show her picks are always 3 4 or 6 points. She knows nothing.

    American Sports Fan Reply

    In 2017 she picked the Broncos to win the West at 8-8

    FalconNator HD Reply

    Rich Solo Facts!!!

    lionswhelp7 Reply

    @American Sports Fan 😱😱😱😭

    lionswhelp7 Reply

    @American Sports Fan Chiefs 14-2 👑🏹

Tempted Pug Reply

Where’s my boy Elliot Harrison? We all miss him.


yeah all cynthia does is pick the team with the better record and have them win by 3-6 points.great stuff.

Shoresy 69 Reply

She thinks the Dolphins will score 13 points? Lol

TTV-TryHard Reply

Numbers from 20-29 are all the numbers Cynthia knows

TdaManFour20 Reply

Patriots vs. Any 0-12 high school football team. Cynthia: Patriots win 27-24

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