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Week 3 Hype Video: Back At Home

The to as they host the New Orleans Saints in this Week 3 matchup.

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Spencer Ward

Go Hawks!!

Emery gaming panda

Loyal hawks only


Been a fan since 6 years old

Peter Cullen

If this doesn’t get you hyped, nothing will!

Madeleine Montuna

I’m hyped AFπŸ’ͺ🏾✊🏾

Stephane Chretien

No Drew? Should be a breeze!

    Steven Claggett

    That’s rich, looking forward to a good game. We need to work on penalties. Love seeing these young guys get better each week.

    Andi S

    No, it will rain hard, so passing will be very limited so mostly run game and They have dangerous Kamera so wont be easy. I will watch it live in century link, hopefully dont get wet.


    Love it lmao

Willie Jones

Seahawks are going to the super bowl and I mean that πŸ’―

    A Fucking Bird

    @NAD Leave if you’re gonna hate on the Seahawks.


    @A Fucking Bird Love your name. My notification was “A Fucking Bird Replied To You”

    Carlos Escudero

    @NAD dont forget your team lost to rams last year and only put up 6 points against the bills. Seahawks much better squad


    @NAD Baldwin mediocre? Try harder… πŸ˜‚


    It looks like the stars might be aligning… 😱

Insanity Mixes

Can we get Ramsey so I can get more hyped

    Matt Buehler

    Livingthat Twelvelife that is a really stupid offer for Ramsey penny has done so much for our offense

    Livingthat Twelvelife

    @Matt Buehler But Carson, a 7th rounder, has proved to be much more consistent. Pete Carroll’s philosophy has always been “pound the ball and play good defense”. Carson is the better back, and Ramsey would be an instant upgrade to our secondary. That combined with our now ferocious front 7 looks a lot more like the Peteball that we are used to seeing. Ramsey is a proven commodity. We know what he brings. We have seen flashes from Penney, but nothing consistent. I don’t think it’s a bad offer at all, much less a “really stupid offer”.

    Matt Buehler

    Livingthat Twelvelife we cant put all that pressure on Carson he can’t run every drive he is going to get tired and then injured penny has not had a injury and Carson has had two in his first two seasons it’s all ready bad enough we traded mike Davis in my opinion

    Livingthat Twelvelife

    @Matt Buehler I can agree with that. Mike Davis was an underrated beast.

    Matt Buehler

    Livingthat Twelvelife for sure especially for pass play and I watched a thing about him he was really good at blocking he is almost like a fullback kinda like Rex burkhead of the patriots

The12s Nation

The Video editor needs a raise fr fr

Chris S

21-3. Go Hawks!

Instinct Gaming

The person who dislikes are the other teams scared of us #GoHawks



John Alexander Arango Valencia

Go Hawks from Manizales, Colombia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™

A Fucking Bird

I’m hyped! Let’s get the W!πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™

Andrew Nguyen

Go Hawks!!!

i2 crazy

I never felt so motivated to see a week three game

Bleed Blue&Green

Is it just me or does McDougall look like he should be having a gold “grill” in his mouth? Lol


Maybe the hawks won’t play down to their competition for once?

Yoel Yanes

Championship Sunday. Every Sunday. Go hawks! #12sBelieve

Aidan Willis

I’m going to the game tomorrow. Good luck Hawks!!!

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