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Week 2: Seahawks at Steelers Key Matchups

Seahawks Insiders Jen Mueller and John Boyle talk about the key match ups to watch during the Seahawks week 2 match up with the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

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Giovanni Avella Reply

Go hawks !!

Wild James D Reply

Go Hawks!

DangeRUSS #3 Reply

Set the tone with the run and that will open up play action/RPOs GO HAWKS!

Ali Ahmad Bilal Reply

Our secondary will get tested .

    BarackObama592 Reply

    Ali Ahmad Bilal I’ll test your secondary

X1 Stratz Reply

Go hawks!

Jon Murray Reply

De Castro was clearly holding on that one.😁

Jayr23s Reply

My only worry about this game is our offensive plays. LET RUSSELL WILSON BE RUSSELL WILSON

Bri G15 Reply

This can be done. Let’s go!

Steve Polverini Reply

No. Let’s run until we realize it’s not working then release Russ after it’s too late and almost come back like they did again Dallas LY.

RW3ints Reply

Steelers going to win.

    whatever. Reply

    RW3ints tbh .

    Davin G. Reply


    earthatom7 Reply

    How dare you…

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    They won’t

Robin Hielscher Reply

I’m a german 12 and I watch the game at 7pm in germany this is great for the german 12s. GoHawks!!!!!!!!!

    earthatom7 Reply

    Danke from the U.S.! 👍

rpbsjy Reply

Saw almost no carrying/read option last week from #3. We shouldn’t rely on that, but if we don’t keep the defense guessing, our RBs are going to be having tough sledding again.

Nick King Televised Reply

Prosise is the key. Penny ain’t doing nuttttttin!

Alan Orozco Reply

Dont sleep on seahawks because its the steelers remember they beat the kansas city chiefs last year and the seahakws front 7 wasnt as upgraded as this year

Johnny FN Action Reply

Let Russ throw tht thang! Whachu pay him all tht money for?! Field manager time is over.

Jason Baker Reply

Easy dub. Go Hawks!

Eric Cartman Reply

I hope russ can still scramble cuz he’ll need to prepare for it cuz our o line can’t block on pass plays

earthatom7 Reply

Carson is great BUT we need to unleash Dange-Russ once more!!!!! Go HAWKS!

Eric Cartman Reply

I’m starting DK this week don’t let me down

Kingdom Konsciousness Reply

“Stealers” cheat game will be on strong! Cant be a close game

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