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J Z Reply

This is much better than that twitter video BS, but release the podcast please

Your Average Strategy Gamer Reply

100th Season has officially started baby!

    KnightSky Reply

    Yeah a lot of qbs with under 200 yards

    Smart Kid Jimmy Reply

    This week was messed up.

    Your Average Strategy Gamer Reply

    Smart Kid Jimmy IKR. Browns disappoint, Eagles upset redskins after comeback win, Ravens absolutely DESTROY Dolphins, Patriots destroy Steelers, Bengals almost beat Seahawks, Bills upset Jets. PHEW. This week has been crazy

Rob Peterson Reply

34:39 for the Bills/Jets

Please make timestamps available for each breakdown..thanks

    John Thompson Reply

    Your the real mvp

    Marques Smith Reply

    The bills?? Them boys ain’t playing real football up there.. It’s all about the Saints and LSU, come on down south to see some real football my boy… The bills 😂

    Antuan Lemon Reply

    Marques Smith you realize what other football team is “up there” right? #GoPats

    Cory Whiteley Reply

    I got you already fam

    Chris Delagarza Reply

    I was just going through comments and yes…. thank you 💯 sir… BILLS MAFIA

BigScoobz420 Reply

Timestamps would be nice…

Ranga Mavhunga Reply

And Everything apart from Injury, in week 1 you should just ignore.

Paul Dornan Reply

Does Sessler really have a PhD?

oMyGunny Reply

Baltimore Ravens are more of a rivalry to the Patriots. #RavensFlock

jarjon76 Reply

Hi confused people who aren’t familiar with the heroes. I’m amused by your comments. 😀

Arthur Flauzindo Reply

Finally we got the video version!

Is This Rain? Reply

Someone in the NFL need to make timestamps for these videos. A great majority of your viewers only care about their team.

    rune naljoss Reply

    It’s that lazy producer of theirs, that probably refuses to do the work again. (You remember #RefrigeratorGate, right?)

    Duncan Lloyd Reply

    Looks like they listened to you and pinned a post of timings within an hour of your request.

Tommie_0o Reply

3:18 Chiefs @ Jaguars
10:32 Titans @ Browns
17:50 Colts @ Chargers
23:06 Giants @ Cowboys
29:09 Redskins @ Eagles
34:37 Bills @ Jets
41:44 Ravens @ Dolphins
49:40 Falcons @ Vikings
53:24 Rams @ Panthers
58:40 Lions @ Cardinals
1:04:08 Bengals @ Seahawks
1:11:38 49ers @ Buccaneers
1:16:10 2 Minute Drill
1:30:34 Steelers @ Patriots

    dood dood Reply

    What a g

    arturo gutierrez Reply


    Andrew Rout Reply

    Thank you

    Badkiwi 42 Reply

    Tommie_0o Not all heroes wear capes… some give us much needed time stamps

    Cairo Ma'yieu Reply


Shamsad Kamal Reply

I like Delanie Walker- he said what had to be said

- HUDMAN1000- Reply

Do one for monday night also cause texans are my team

    Ulysses Chavez Reply

    They lost

kungfuactioncheese Reply

No one gets cut from the league for behavior the NFL disagrees with? Someone call Kaepernick, he’s gonna be thrilled to hear the news!

Oliver Ward Reply

7:20 the almost undrafted kid who wasn’t tested also happened to lead the NCAA in passing in 2018 and was 5th in heisman voting…

    Jackson Wilhelm Reply

    they are NFL ppl not collage

    Derek Smidl Reply

    College* lol and yes minshew was my Dak Prescott (4th round steal) and my 3rd favorite QB in the class. Jarrett Stidham willstillbe the best qb in this class. Him minshew and Haskins were my favorite 3 at the draft. Strong Opinion Sports got me into him a year ago though

Man Child Reply

Lamar jackson is legit. Been legit since day 1

moises guzman Reply

Awesone show guys! I enjoy your podcast and its great to see you on screen

TybrosionMojito Reply

Mariota was 14-24, not 14-28 btw

Tyrone Robinson Reply

Can you expert please explain to me why everyone is picking Cleveland to be 10-6 and hell Titans has been 9-7 the past three seasons not to mention swept jag last three seasons but we are the league laughing stock how is this… And ps there are a lot of Titans fans you all should talk about the Titans more win they win… That alot of subscription and more sponsor for you all just do your homework

Victor Hugo Passos Reply

By far the best nfl podcast. Love you heroes. Cheers from Brazil!

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