‘We thought he was the best defensive player on the board’: Paton and Fangio on Pat Surtain II – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Manuel Gonzalez

The fact that Paton just dismissed the Aaron Rodgers question makes me think he actually called to check. Hopefully something actually happens. At least Rodgers actually has leverage and no outside problems so we might actually have a chances at him unlike Watson.

    Dcd 180

    Well he can’t talk about another player that’s under contract

    Solomon Grundy

    @Kicks_informer _1 I like the new GM.


    Broncos are 5-12 unless they get Rodgers.

    Kicks_informer _1

    Heard it’s close to a done deal

Steve K

Paton 100% called about Rodgers, ahhhh but we are focused on the draft.


    @oscar escobar That’s why you’ll never be a GM.

    Solomon Grundy

    @oscar escobar YES


    @gatorloganuf so they dropped the ball 2 times? Absolutely embarrassing organization.

    oscar escobar

    @Solomon Grundy I would too

    oscar escobar

    @JeffW. you wouldn’t give our firts …for Roger’s…have you seen Roger’s play lately yea his older but dude can’t still play …I would definitely give our firts ..


PSII+🤞JOK🤞 +OL+ another CB/ST= good draft.

    Ayee Nali

    @Prod. Psycho Jeremiah owusu koromah

    Ima Fun Guy

    @Ayee Nali We need him

    Kawika Watson

    Yahhh good fucken luck with that he’s gonna be gone

    Kawika Watson

    Watch vic vangio failed us again by not getting us the best LB in drafts thats 3 year’s in a row he failed me im so done with this draft and 2021 season

    Cody Deering

    Jok cox Jenkins or Williams

Brandon Vanderschans

If we get JOK tomorrow, Paton and Vangio are both geniuses to pass on Parsons to upgrade our secondary and snag a 1st Round player JOK

    derold Johnson

    @Solomon Grundy broski you are 100% right ..can’t believe we let Lindsey go ..Sleeper pick would be Pooki Williams..we have to compete with Kansas City period ..explosive players are needed

    Solomon Grundy

    @derold Johnson Having game breakers can change things in a minute and helps a young QB develop. Looking forward for Sutton to return. 
    There is still RB value out there. I liked Lindseys speed, but kind of prefer the next potential Marshawn Lynch.
    Pookie is real interesting though. Good call, but he has a little baggage.

    August Brante

    @Boss Artwork22 I like Collins too but he was taken by Cards. I would love either JOK or RT Trevin Jenkins either would make this draft great!


    Who’s JOK? Jokic? That would be sweet having a 7 footer at LB!

    Tyler J

    I would love it but I doubt he slip to us in the second round. We need a tackle too juwaan James never liked the signing, he overpaid and can’t stay healthy.

Caleb Schaaf

Paton “Let’s just keep the questions about the draft.” Then he continues to spend half of his time talking about Teddy Bridgewater and the QB room.

I don’t know guys, I think he’s probably reached out to the Packers, and now we wait to see what develops.

    Eureka 007

    of course he has. Paton has basically been in every QB conversation this offseason. The packers are dug in just like houston were with Watson tho they came out tonight and definitively said they aren’t trading Rodgers.


    @Eureka 007 he was in on all he was in on Stafford, probably would’ve made an offer on watson, probably gonna make an offer for a rod. But he didnt offer sam darnold, fitzmagic, andy dalton

Francisco M.

Excelente selección en el Draft por Pat Surtain, saludos desde México, fan #1 de los Broncos de Denver

Nate Garrison

D is going to be 🔥🔥🔥


I like Paton’s poker face he seems like a man that knows exactly what he’s doing but won’t tell you nothing until it’s done

    Solomon Grundy

    I like the new GM
    I am confident he will draft the next two days well.


    Horrible pick.

    derold Johnson

    @Solomon Grundy we need to know as Denver fans ..to many years we have wasted the great Defensive..To be honest Denver should have at least 2 or 3 more Super Bowls


JOK or tevin jenkins and move him to RT please that would make this draft much better.


All I get from their faces is an Aaron Rodgers vibe all over!
Especially Vic can’t seem to hold his anxiety in!
But then again maybe I see what I want to see…
Great pick nevertheless!


    I’m hoping for Rodgers to become a Bronco but it makes more sense to draft a QB rather than get Bridgewater. The pick is an asset. The Broncos could then package Lock to GB with other picks and have Aaron and Justin as your QB’s on opening day roster.


Thanks George, Great Pick.

Mikel Cividanes Bertini

Okay I’m excited to see this defense; however, we need a franchise QB

    Haydens Sports Videos

    Aaron Rodgers fiance lives in Boulder so we do have a great chance of getting Aaron Rodgers

Joshua Rodriguez

Hearing Fangio call him a 5th or 6th db just pissed me off for this move even more


    He said that you run 4 or 5 corners 75% – 85% of the time not that he will be 5th or 6th string lol

    Joshua Rodriguez

    Duncbone lol na at 415 mark he says he thinks he can play inside to as the 5th or 6th corner

    Alex Pass

    @Joshua Rodriguez he’s talking about playing inside as a fifth or sixth db in nickel and dime packages. Not that he’s the fifth or sixth db lol


I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get Fields but Surtain very hard to pass on.

Robert Kaslow


Malcolm Brown

Paton wanted the highest floor pick possible. Sounds good to me.

Angel Rocha

This guy Paton is the real deal

Jared Streich

our only chance of winning will be to make it as hard as possible for Patrick and Justin to complete passes

Lucas Hamacher


Dustin Snider

fangio sounds like brett kavanaugh during his hearing! lol i am excited for patrick surtain although i dont understand picking him over justin fields. surtain was my favorite defensive player on the bored

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