‘We really BELIEVE in our process’ | Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
I'm That Guy Eddie

Its hard being a Falcon fan😞

    Jay Manning

    @Michael Anthony we all do…it doesn’t matter where you live lol, but we’re all in this together


    @Jay Manning Exactly, atleast people know we ain’t fair weather fans though. Its like when you see certain jerseys and immediately know they are bandwagon fans. We may fall down, but we Rise Up.

    chris rodgers

    Very bro. I moved to new England 7 years ago and it sucks.. we r the most underachieving team in sports

    Chef_Alex 17

    Michael Anthony It gets old after a while. Go falcons!

    Large Southern Load

    Got my first Falcon Football card in 1966. I remember going to games @ Fulton county stadium with 2500 in attendance and getting beat 48 -3. A good season was 6-10! We Did not have back to back winning seasons for 48 years; till Mike Smith. Then they fired the winniest coach in Falcon history for having 2 bad seasons? So here we are again; disappointed!!!


Coach knows this is it with all the talent and money that has been spent if he doesn’t get it done IT’S OVER FOR HIM

    H0LL0W PR0PH3T

    blake wagner did you know that mike smith has had better ranked defenses than any Defense we’ve had under Quinn

    blake wagner

    H0LL0W PR0PH3T bro what the only time Matt had a legit defense was the 2017-2018 season. In the Matt Ryan era our defense were ranked 27th or 28th stop it. We are better defensively with Quinn

    H0LL0W PR0PH3T

    blake wagner read what I said, on average under mike smith the falcons had a better ranked Defense than the average rank under dan Quinn, go look it up

    blake wagner

    H0LL0W PR0PH3T in the 2017-2018 the falcons were a top 10 defense. In the mike smith era we weren’t good at all.

    Matty Ghost

    @blake wagner no oline no wins…simple


Perform like that again everybody gotta go even Gm tbh the players the big problem they not playing with no fire or heart just finesse and luck 😑

D Yot65

I’m glad y’all believe in it……we aint so sure.

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

…ok coach, I need to see some big time football from the Falcons this week against a tough Eagles squad 😒

C Smith

Here we go with the process speech again 🤣

    malcolm X

    Talk is cheap

    Byron Jones

    If Atlanta brought in bill belichick we’d be in the SB every other year! I’m not sold on DQ.

    Good Looking Honkey

    All 3 phases

Mark Godbee

1) What items within the process will prohibit the Falcon defensive unit from giving up over 170 yards of rushing?
2) What items within the process will produce a positive turn over margin in the Falcon’s favor?
3) What items within the process will eliminate a blocked put within the special teams functionality?
4) What items within the process will produce 100 yards rushing for the Falcon offensive unit?
5) What items within the process will allow 3 sacks or less of Matt Ryan?


    Mark Godbee nun especially with some of these soft light weight players except (Julio,sanu,Grady,Ridley).


Im really only concerned with how the defense played overall, not the lines. DQ took over but then we got ran on like it was before the forward pass…

    Tavares Raven

    He tells our opponent how we plan to stop them every week so they really dont have to prepare for us.but we will see vs eagles…rise up

    Matty Ghost

    The oline wins games…No running or pass protection it’s a wrap…Remember our QB isnt mobile so its vital we have a running game so the defense doesn’t blitz us everydown..

Mark Godbee

What items within the process will help the Falcons rebound from a 6-10 season in 2019?


if we approach this a little metaphysically and there is an energy field where we are all connected togather. What energy do you give to your favorite team? Most of the time i read hate comments and negative comments towards our team.

you are looking for a victim but the only victim is you. all the time spreading bad emotion and being salty dont support anyone or anything. if you are so attuned in all areas of life you should urgently change or you miss the beautiful sides of life

Stay happy and excited about a great team and support it with love

    Good Looking Honkey

    Good team? ?? Where is that team in,Atlanta besides the true champions. …Atlanta Braves? Don’t tell me about my life. I’m happy enough, but this was always a childhood dream in the 70s. Us to win it all. But since I speak about something that is embarrassing as a falcon 4 life….I hate myself? Lol, sure. I Love my city and our history. I hate mediocre wannabes that destroy our old heart and fierce fighting! Speak for yourself


    I’m willing to approach this metaphysically, or even metaphorically or majestically, but that isn’t going to change the fact the Falcons stunk it up last week vs Minnesota. After all the build-up and hype, they played like dog squeeze. They got slapped in the mouth and had their lunch money taken from them.

    What energy do I give my favorite team? I give them hope and moral support. In return my favorite team gives me disgust, embarrassment and piss-poor football. I’m the one getting the crappy energy, not the other way around.

    Please don’t come on to people with a holier-than-thou attitude. It makes you look like an arrogant turd with delusions of grandeur. If I don’t want to be happy, it’s none of your business. I’ve been supporting this team since their first game, but if they put on another Clownshow like last week, I’m not going to sit back and pretend it’s all good.

Large Southern Load

Beliefs are ok but reality is Truth!
Anyone can believe but only few achieve!

O Fisher

We need heart! Our team doesn’t need nice guys we need animals!

    Good Looking Honkey

    We need OJ SIMPSON


I agree with “Dj Akademiks daddy” put Kazee back in the line up!!!

L Capitan

I say we put Grace, Hill, Kazee and ollison in for a change up…we won’t know how they test unless you give them some snaps. I want to see a refreshed team and no one is hungrier than a rookie or a free agent player. We need to light some fire under some of our starters asses! They are playing too entitled ie Beasley, Freeman and Mack.

    L Capitan

    @Cody Paul I completely agree! Grady and Debo other than that everyone is on thin ice with me and the coaching staff need to express the same anger and disappointment and not be so lack and unemotional after every game! They need to know the difference in playing each other in practice and game day with these other teams that will not take their foot off our necks because they know what we’re capable of…they need to understand that it don’t get no better, EVERYBODY needs to plays every game like it’s the post season and not wait until the last minute to have to win.

    Cody Paul

    @L Capitan Yeah, and the unspoken truth is that they are showing favoritism to certain players as well. Quinn can right the ship with a big win Sunday night, but the fact of the matter is that if we have another lackluster performance like we did Sunday, not only will our entire season already be in jeopardy but so will Quinn’s future. We can’t afford to keep losing while the aints are winning. Some people are saying it doesn’t matter if we’re losing right now because our division games are played at the end of the season but what will it matter if we’re 3-6 when we get to that part of the season????? This is a big game Sunday night.

    L Capitan

    @Cody Paul I agree, it’s time to put up or shut up! I believe they designed it to be that way because our division is one of the tough ones and could go either way so we need to send a message come Sunday. Also this is a revenge game for so many reasons!

    Cody Paul

    @L Capitan lf we can pull it out, and l know that we can, all will be well again L.

    L Capitan

    @Cody Paul Facts


I believe in Quinn… We will bounce back.

Crooked Cesar

“We really believe in our process”… well somebody should

Ketrez Strowbridge

The process is what’s killing us cause be act like the process can’t use adjustments smh

Brandon Dominguez

Plz coach I want to win Sunday I don’t want to get embarrassed on Sunday night football

Shawn Golmes

they need to start kazee for starters

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