‘We have to stay AHEAD of the chains’ | Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nick bagnulo

Protect him better

Seargent AR-10

Run between the tackles with NO TURNOVERS

Byron Jones

Let’s get it done this week Matt!! 👍💪

    Good Looking Honkey

    He won’t

Marquavious Rhodes

He needs to slow things down he be looking rattled and nervous . Just slow the game down and execute

    blake wagner

    Yeah all that pressure in his face I wouldn’t be too

    blake wagner

    Afraid of getting hit

    Mr Spizite

    O-Line key to success

    Samuel Davis

    You’d be rattle to if the first play out the gate Anthony Barr is breathing down your neck. Protect the quarterback and good things will happen.

zero RX-79


    Mr Spizite

    zero RX-79
    He got hit every other play because of bad Rookie O-line play.
    It’ll be different this game watch


    Mr Spizite It was the veterans who gave up the most pressures. Lindstrom and McGary did way better than Matthews and Carp.

    O Alonzo A

    @Delacroix that left side kept collapsing.


    @O Alonzo A Yeah it was brutal. First play being a sack is never a good sign either lol.


Matt Betta get that ball out quick I don’t wanna see ya take 300 steps back before U throw a pass 😑


What is the purpose of paying a receiver record money if your qb doesn’t have time to throw the ball.

    A sad falcons Fan


    Mr Spizite

    They are learning that fast.
    We have GOOD rookies

    Westcoast Sports Unlimited

    So he doesnt demand a damn trade or sit out. Simple

Mr Spizite


TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

makes ben rothlesburger look GOOD

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

I hope the Falcons have found a way to protect this man against the Eagles… I don’t want him to end up like Andrew Luck 😒

O Fisher

We’re the best team in the league. Let play like it!

    L Capitan

    @H0LL0W PR0PH3T Speak for yourself smh what team fans doesn’t pour that same energy into their team. If you’re not a Falcons fan you stfu and go follow your team page and criticize them.

    Jay Manning

    @L Capitan can’t even understand what you’re saying

    L Capitan

    @Jay Manning Well you’re illiterate because the point was clear

    Jay Manning

    @L Capitan if you mean you suck at properly using the English language, then yeah I get the point..

    L Capitan

    @Jay Manning I said what I said, argue with yourself ✌🏿

C Smith

Let’s go Walton Goggins!

Mark Godbee

Good luck Matt, I hope you only get sacked 3 times or less given the porous offensive line. You are the best quarterback in Falcon franchise history.

Mitch Niedert

Led with 5 questions in a row..

Zion Marley

All we have to do is more hurry up offense quick slants Matt need to stop looking at Julio and spread the ball out then open the fan game for Freeman last but not least that defense gotta tighten up. Falcons Nation til the bone Gristle

Lyndell Chambers


Ann Murdock

I see Matt backing up 20 yards trying to avoid a SACK, instead of just taking the SACK at the line of scrimmage!

Pablo Gonzalez

Let’s get tua from Alabama


I like matt and although these media friendly answers piss me off I hope in the locker room and during practice I hope he’s throwing fools under the bus and holding them accountable for their garbage efforts.

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