‘We don’t let one game DEFINE us’ | Falcons Wide Receiver Julio Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Stan ezen Reply

Take a shot everytime Julio touches his face or say “it’s football” 😂🤣😂

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

    Stan ezen 🤣🤣🤣💀

    Stan ezen Reply


    Sean Bugatti Reply

    Take a shot every time he says “things like that” you’ll be drunker lol

    Stan ezen Reply

    Lmao right

LIL MB Reply

Exactly what I been telling ppl

Ibraheem Kotun Reply

Exactly….everybody overreacting. Like it’s week 1 not week 16

Anthony Wright Reply

This man is a baller, a true professional and a class act.

Chris Edwards Reply

He signed his contract and they still bothering him about it 🤦‍♂️

    Jacob Guy Reply

    Yeahhhhhh its really annoying

Gloomy Reply

yes julio, i DO know

Nick bagnulo Reply

At least he caught a TD

    Randall Foster Reply

    Yup instead of having an 8 game drought last year lol

TAGO W Reply


Bama91 91 Reply

We’ll be alright.

Tina Howard Reply

We believe in you. We believe in The Atlanta Falcons. You all got this!!!!

DogManiyak G Reply

Julio got the old school Tail with the fresh cut Thats Swagger baby Riseup💪

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply


Joshua Panicker Reply

Julio great guy

Julio J Reply

I’m starting to think that half of y’all in the comments saying Matt Ryan is trash don’t even watch the games.

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    Nah not me. . 40 yrs plus that’s all. I haven’t seen any good football in my life.

Hmoob Vwj Reply

Atlanta is good but they need to change that coaching staff.

Andrew Young Reply

Atlanta falcons should be like rapotors last year take one game at time don’t care about haters fans around world just thick positive Atlanta falcons coach players fans owner an City whole

Andrew Young Reply

Julio Jones should be play like kawhi shocked people an win for their Brotherhood rise up

David Ward Reply

If we had Drew Brees Tom Brady Rodgers helll even Rivers this team would look totally different bc they call audibles and read blitz’s with the coverage

    David Ward Reply

    Call the play for ol reliable Matt he is going to run that play and if he does audible it’s to a run play if it was a pass play and vise versa bc the coach gave him the audible …. I really wanna know if I’m wrong on this bc I’m a Fan of the Falcons


Tell Julio I’ve been preaching this all week ..that 1 game doesn’t define us #riseup

Roemon Elliott Reply

in 2016 we lost the first game to the bucs and made it to the superbowl. We got this.

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