“We Can’t Make One Game Bigger Than the Others” | Tre’Davious White joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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“We Can’t Make One Game Bigger Than the Others” | Tre’Davious White joins One Bills Live

CB Tre’Davious White joined on September 26, 2019 where he discussed his two interceptions versus the Bengals in Week 3, his role in the defense and the team’s reaction to the atmosphere at at the home opener. He also talked about preparing to face Tom Brady and the Patriots in this Sunday.

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I love that you guys keep uploading these shows to the Buffalo Bills youtube page. I live out of town and don’t have MSG, so this is great for me! Keep it up 🙂

Mike Larry

First. He sounds concussed

    Mike Larry

    Jk good dude great player . Go bills 👍💪🏻


    lol prob nervous, most players aren’t good with the media etc. also go Bills

    Karo French

    He’s from the south


    @Karo French …where the schools are the worst in the nation, without question.

    Karo French

    @dantaniondb Yeah plus he probably got pushed through because of his athletic ability.

Likwit 716

Now I am going to the University of Pittsburgh and it’s hard to watch my Buffalo Bills. I go to Applebees to watch the game. Let’s go to 4-0 and beat the Patriots.

    the Daniel

    why applebees

    Likwit 716

    I live close by.

    Chris C

    Try looking for a Bill’s Backer Bar Location.

the Daniel

my favorite bills team in years


I love this man

Chris C



Please pay this man the big bucks. Love ya White!

creezbee s.

Tre day is everyday. #PanchoPower

Vic Always

Y’all Bills TALK a GREAT game…Barely beating Andy Dalton and a crap
Bengals team is WILDLY Impressive lol… THIS week HOWEVER you aren’t
just facing one GOAT but 2…Belichick and Brady COMIN’ and GOAT’s don’t
like Buffalo’s 🤬 …Gonna be like Clemson playing Buffalo Uni. 😅#TB12 #G.O.A.T. #StairwaytoSeven #PatsNation #Unstoppable 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 🏈 🏆

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