We Are Texans | Full Episode – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Rahim Jamal Reply

Ready for GAMEDAY !!! Whose with me ?!

    ØP GØD YT Reply


    ØP GØD YT Reply


Indigo Cheef Reply


    Indigo Cheef Reply

    Looking forward to seeing a POTENT TEXANS TEAM THIS YEAR!!!
    IT’S OUR YEAR TO, “SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT”. -A.J. Moore, Texans DB.
    #NFL #TEXAN #TEXANS #Ayoo #Noah #SauceSports #TexansFans #Talk #Youtubers

Daniel Tavira Reply


Joseph Sky Reply

Can’t wait to see the Texans back on the field soon

カーネルヨンダース Reply

There are Texans fan not only in US but here in Japan !!!

    Maximum Overdrive Reply

    カーネルヨンダース That’s Badass!

    Chris Plays 020509 Reply

    That’s cool

M E R C U R Y Reply

Going to London this year to see my Texans!!! #GoTexans

    Luis Rivera Reply

    I envy you

iV clutch Reply

Anyone else wearing a Texans jersey while watching this if so comment who’s #wearetexans

    Mirsab Faiz Reply


    LimitlessTX Reply

    Will Fuller 15!

    iV clutch Reply

    Mirsab Faiz same

    _htxpac22 Reply

    Nuk 💥

    Eric Silver Reply

    JJ watt

Gavin Frank Reply

love you watt

Kevin James Reply

I m a German fan
Wer noch

    Adrian Prebeck Reply

    Gibt nich allzu viele

Anita Thompson Reply

Yeah OWEN!! ( 6:19 to 10.00) I am so proud of you and your wonderful family.

The Red Barron Reply

We still fuccing succ

    The last Kung Lao Main Reply

    The Red Barron we are getting better now. Just pray we have no injuries

    The Red Barron Reply

    @The last Kung Lao Main nah we not that’s what’s wrong with you Texans fans yall dont wanna believe the truth

    The last Kung Lao Main Reply

    The Red Barron dude I never said we didn’t suck we were garbage for so long but we are slowly getting better. You won’t accept that the Texans aren’t garbage anymore. We aren’t Super Bowl worthy but we aren’t the bottom of everything ya fecker

Ethan Mendoza Reply

I love Texans we are making super ball let’s go like if your hype❤️

Anthony Tillman Reply

Win, lose, or tie, I love my Texans #WeAreTexans

Luis Rivera Reply

Very cool story!!

Luis Rivera Reply

Owen Daniels is still my fav alltime Texans player.. he always made the tough catches.. Texans TEs have sucked ever since

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