Wayne Gallman’s Big Day w/ 118 Total Yards & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jason Spelke

Played him at my flex in fantasy with low expectations

Loyal Philly fan

People forget this guy was a star at Clemson and a National champion

Andrew Kyle

Daniel Jones is the savior of the New York Giants

    I take walls bitch

    We look like a playoff team with him.

Giants Pride

Watch John Mara be like “Saquon Who”.

    KM 5173

    17 38 Saquon was injured.

Levi Burkleo

Waiver wire pickup worked out well

    Sharib Z

    Levi Burkleo what

Jonathan King

Gallman is a good player, great complimentary back to Saquon.


Kid is going to be something special. If you don’t know him look at his highlights from college.

    Colton Schaefer

    MRTUPAC 28 will never be anything with the giants


    Colton Schaefer well you gotta start somewhere

Atticus And more

I was first like


Saquon who?

Devon Glenn

Repping Grayson HS one of the best to ever come out … even better person Congrats Wayne !!!

Austin Stewart

Glad I started him in fantasy

Will TheSuperW

… and 2 fumbles


Needs to clean up the fumbles


    I BLEED GIANTS BLUE Most definitely without a doubt. He seems to have that problem but he did have a nice game and he seems good enough to take over while saquon is recovering.


That’s why you don’t need to pay RBs


    Guttulus unless it’s Saquon. He’s a literal game changer

Anu Naga

We too deep! Go tigers. #tigernation#clemsonnation

Colin Stapleton

Saquon predicted Gallman’s day

Joey Villarreal

Saquon system back

Chrome Dome

The redskins are close to a super Bowl 🏟

Makaveli 803

Need to eliminate those fumbles

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