Watt to know about Minkah: Favorite Pittsburgh restaurant? First jersey number? Favorite dog breed? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brooks Simonds

Minkah Fitzpatrick, unquestionably the best safety in the league

    Gabriel Watts


    Jesse Orosz

    @Gabriel Watts then who is better?

    Tyreseman HD

    Brooks Simonds I wouldn’t say all dat

    J T

    Most definitely the best safety! Just like Troy was!

    Nick Aiello

    @Jesse Orosz No one is he said no cap lmao

Jeffrey Vences


Gia Pacella


Cameron Burns

minkah the goat fitzpatrick him and TJ are beast !!! go steelers

Legend Troy

Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers is awesome feeling.


This dude is so chill 😂 respect ✊

Steelers 2god

Them two are so great players

Nolthebull 827

TJ Watt is a beast.

Josh Kay

“Alright, he’s gonna be the funny guy today😑”🤣

“Oh being funny guy again we’ll ask another question😑”😂

spoo oooky

This dude has certainly never eaten at a restaurant in Pittsburgh area

    Whistle Teets

    Yea, I’m pretty sure Primanti’s don’t have anything for vegans. 😆

Steven Ray

Hope we can get that D to stick around for a few years will be one of the all time great steelers D


T.J Lowkey got salty on that 2nd one haha

Wendy 8A


Malik ElcoSS454

Where u guys get those Steelers sunglasses from.

    Citlali Delgado

    they look like oakleys but idk

Citlali Delgado

such sweet hearts, what did we do to deserve both TJ and Minkah lmao

Nick Tress

The one dislike on the video right now is from a Dolphins fan lmao

DevFromDaWic -

i love this video!! s/o to tj & minkah😎😎

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