Watt ‘excited to get to Heinz Field’ | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Garard White

Love this team

Zechariah Barajas

Let’s get a win this week ! Go Steelers

Malik ElcoSS454

Does anyone know why Steelers got rid of Santino Holmes & now they need him & Bell.

    Brian Baer


    Sumswag Gaming

    thats literally so far in the past wtf, not even a relevant comment… Holmes is enjoying retirement life and is nowhere close to being a football player these days.

    Ed Po


    Malik ElcoSS454

    @Sumswag Gaming ; Nice name didn’t Homles retired good receive.

Marathon Mogul_

We’re going to see a completely different team on Sunday watch !
Always a Steelers fan no matter what!


    Ya damn straight. It’s STEELERNATION FOREVER!!

Paul Kersey

T.J. do you cut your own hair?

scott sturgis

Watt’s hair is the real story about his commitment to football.

you're right

WHY are we giving our top pass rusher the responsibility of making pre-snap adjustments??? He needs to focus on rushing the passer. If Devin Bush isn’t experienced enough to call the shots on the defense yet you would think Mark Barron is and if not Vince Williams. No way should our strong side edge rusher be doing that smh Keith Butler and Tomlin are dunces.

David Muse

Watt let the monster loose Steelers need you cause Ben sucks


Did this man just call TJ JuJu 1:15


    It sure sound like he did lol

Matt W

TJ’s a beast..sure glad he’s on our team. GO STEELERS

Nara Ton

33-3 🤣🤣🤣😆

April C

T.J. Watt !!! Awesome player !!! #LetsGoSteelers 🙌🏽✨✨✨✨

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