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Blayne Schaaf

Bullshyt we looked unprepared lost like always under gruden still dont have a qb neither

    Peyton 125666


    david the real thomas

    Facts. I love a fellow Redskins fan like you. When I speak the same realities, other fans talking about I’m not a real fan and I’m being negative

    nalim lattarai

    Blayne Schaaf dumb

    nalim lattarai

    david the real thomas you’re an idiot tho you’re a Baltimore fan disguising

    Waindim Tufoin

    it’s the preseason. You go in with 1/4 to half of your playbook and with little to no gameplan.

Daddy SmokesYams

Geezus that’s an ugly shirt lol You cant be the starting QB dressing like that. Even Kirk had better style

    Strictly Hip Hop





    HAHA but that’s what makes talk at the podium fun. He jag doing his thing haha

Bryan Seay

Its only Preseason. Time to make adjustments to make sure mistakes wont happen again.

Fishslap 33

Swim suit, evening wear, talent, POISE!

Olubunmi Akinnuoye

I’m not mad at Case in this game. He made some smart decisions. I’m still a believer in Colt and this offensive system We underestimate how good schematically our offense is but we just need serviceable spots

Al'Turek Goode

Looked good last night. 🔥

Hoan Tran

youknow…, you know

Beatz tronics

Just woke up from a year long coma. Kase Keenum is our QB?…What?

CC Ryder

I guess the third preseason game will tell us whether they give a poop or not.


Shout out to Keenum… and AD!….from a former long time Viking fan…..No mas.

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