WATCH Kyle Pitts college highlights | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

WATCH Kyle Pitts college highlights | 2021 NFL Draft

With the the No. 4 overall pick, the Atlanta Falcons selected Kyle Pitts. Take a look at some of the best college highlights from the University of Florida Tight End.

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Baboon King

Love it! Thank you Falcons for this draft pick! Welcome 2 the Brotherhood

    Baboon King

    Hope we draft a edge rushe next


    @Mr Millennium 26 Dean Pees, thats what they’re going to do about it.


    @Baboon King yeah facts


    @Ali you do know he a generational talent right ? He the best Te prospect ever


    @CHRISSOFLY • do you work for the falcons marketing team? Cause you do sound like it. “Generational taken” lmfao!!

Josiah Lawson





yessir les go

    Mr Millennium 26

    Tell that defense let’s go! lol


    @Mr Millennium 26 our defense is good they just gotta stop letting them comeback on us late in the game


AMAZING PICK great job!


    Garbage pick. Dimitroff >> Fotenote.


    @Ali true

Mr Millennium 26

This dude is Darren Waller on the NFC

Rique G

Welcome to ATL Kyle. Got to get me some home game tickets now. RISE UP!!!!

Yusuke Knight

Welcome to the team Kyle Pitts going to be a lot of fun watching the Falcons this season

    Big Debo

    Watching them lose leads. Sure sure.

Diego De Haro

Rose up gentleman/ladies! Ready to score 50!

Tabitha Barkley


Noe Felix

Love the pick!

C Money

Could not be happier with this pick. He will be the best player coming out of this draft class. LETS GO!!!!

Floyd Donnelly

Good luck defensis covering that dude is shanon sharp like

This Channel is dead

If they don’t trade Julio this offense is gonna be a nightmare

    Jewell Bell



They really said fk it we just gon try and out offense everyone😂


    8 more picks, all going towards defense

    Jarvase dundy

    Exactly lol, that’s why I hate this pick

    Jarvase dundy

    Out of those 8 picks. I’ll say maybe 2 If 3 at most will be defense.


    When you inherit such a trash d.. you gotta improve your strength then address your weaknesses


    For all you that hate the pick. Who was really that valuable at 4? Sewell? Maybe… but you must remember our coach lives 2 TE sets… blocking will improve. Stop being such whiny babies

Eli Zapata

Gotta get me a Pitts jersey now 🔥

Gordon Owens

We got the next Shay sharpe oh my God RISE UP

The IceCream Man

We Lookin Real Dirty on Offense😂😂😂😊 Now let’s build that Defense Nasty😊RISEUP ⚫🔴⚪


I’m glad to see actual happy fans about this. I love it. Much of the fanbase has become cynical so this is great to see. I love the pick. Best player in the whole draft

Michael Plummer

congrats – washington fan

Atlfalcons RiseUp

We will out score everybody if we keep Julio and they all stay healthy

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