WATCH: First Round Draft Pick Joe Tryon Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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    Corey Davis


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First! Hope Joe Tryon does well

DJuicy Juice

Welcome home Champ
To the Champa Bay

Marlon Humphrey

Yooo one of the first people


Hi Bucs huge fan

FaygoDaDrako YT


P Pumpkin

Unimpressive highlights. Shows him tackling up high and from behind. I’d like to see him come off blocks and tackle from the front at the knees. It’s much better to tackle a runner before they get through the line, than from behind. Maybe he can do this, but not in these highlights.

    Joel El Rican

    He wasn’t picked to start day 1. Everyone who evaluated this guy said he’s going to be a project and the Bucs know that as well. They know what they are doing.


Why are all your highlights less than a min?

    Joel El Rican

    Probably because most of these are done for Twitter and Insta then they just upload the same here

Ian Burke

Welcome aboard tryon

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