Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 1 Game Preview | Move the Sticks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Kevin Pawl Reply

I am so hyped for the football season I can’t move

    the sports guy with common sense Reply

    Kevin Pawl well you had to move something in order to respond to me so i think your lying

    Stan ezen Reply

    Call life alert!

    Kevin Pawl Reply

    Appreciate the help, heard that this football season was going to be one of the greatest and my legs stopped working.

    Anthony Aguilar Reply

    I can’t wait until everyone complains about kneeling

Bryan Newberg Reply

Dang I never saw how many few people there arent watching this vid must be bc i came out 1 min ago


Wow you guys did so much research on the Redskins. Derrius Guice is the starter , Redskins are planning a pass heavy scheme , and forget Jordan Reed still has some braincells left.

    Call Me J. R. Reply

    GR1M RACER A.P. Not started damn that suck i like that dude.

    Rob Harron Reply

    FR they’re just spitting bs in this video 😂 I’m an Eagles fan and Malik Jackson is known for pass rush not run stopping and then they don’t even mention DJax and our new RB Sanders

    Booker The Wolf Reply

    Rob Harron
    I hope this is a close game. The eagles got wayy to good wayy to fast for my liking.

    Nathan Ingle Reply

    Why are they going pass heavy? I mean I’ll take it if it means Terry Mclaurin going off, but they have mostly average receivers and Keemun so I don’t see it, but I also know nothing about this team really

    da'ved velazquez Reply

    Nathan Ingle
    They’ve been pass happy since gruden came along
    I’m even surprise AP had 1000 yards had gruden committed he could of had more

Whiplash95 Reply

Eagles win 10000-0

    Ka Kjj Reply

    Whiplash95 w

    Mega Reply

    Whiplash95 that’s what I’m talking about

samseng90 Reply

Ol’ walk it to ’em

    stevenp25100 Reply

    Ole limp it to him

Christian Lemmer Reply

I can’t wait for the football season this year!

Jose Mendez Reply

Finally football is back #FlyEaglesFly

Meteor Smash Reply

WAS 17
PHI 30

Mega Reply

Damn nfl game previews summer must be truly over

    Marjus Plaku Reply

    srsly i was not expecting one lol

    da'ved velazquez Reply

    Eagles suck

    Mega Reply

    da’ved velazquez shhhh.

Jon Doe Reply

Eagles 28 Redskins 13

Earl Sampson Reply

i hope this this team are as good as the 1991 skins iam ready

Doc Brown Reply

Skins 16
Eagles 17

New Era Reply

I don’t predict……just wating 😐.

Sean Bozeman Reply

Eagles 24
Skins 14

Stratacaster87 Reply

Redskins key to victory: be a different team

    MONSTA Reply

    You sound like a THOT…😂

Jason Strom Reply

It’s the first game of the season so some of these guys are gonna be a bit rusty…. I got the Eagles winning 28 – 20.

Nengeh Tardzer Reply

As long as Zach ertz gets 100 yards and a TD IDC who wins but I think the eagles win easily

Eddie Vargas Reply

“And Philly’s run D is nothing special” yet we gave up the 7th fewest rushing yards on a year where out DTs had to keep cycling due to injuries. 🤔

    Taylor Harrison Reply

    Exactly, and I like how the narrator said Malik Jackson who’s a pass rusher but not Jernigan coming back who’s a run stuffing machine.

Los R Reply

JORDAN REED about to make this year look CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY


🕊Philly Pigeons… Officially upgraded to Doves after attaining first SB. But make no mistake about it, there is no true respect for you all until, you aren’t last in SB wins.

Maaann, I’m super trolling…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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