Walking Together Forever Ep 4 – ‘Playoffs’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Walking Together Forever Ep 4 – ‘Playoffs’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints

Episode 4 of Walking Together Forever, the story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints explores the end of the 2009 regular season and the start of the playoffs. Fourth of a seven-part series on the Super Bowl XLIV champions.

Walking Together Forever – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints
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Ep 2 – 'Starting Strong' –
Ep 3 – 'Unique Bond' –
Ep 4 – 'Playoffs' –
Ep 5 – 'The Kick' –
Ep 6 – 'The Game' –
Ep 7 – 'Being a Champion' –
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Ryan Flanagan

Go Saints

lilnick 200

Saints all day

Nolan Emery

Can’t wait

d'ville on the map

The irony they release this before the playoff game this SundayπŸ€”

    Connor Bergeron

    What’s ironic about that?

    Saints Highlights History

    This whole series is leading up to the first playoff game, nothing ironic about it.


    Are you high?

Eternal Attack



Who else is a has been a fan of saints before 2020 ?!


Im gifting my next 10 subscribers

    Zoidy MTE

    Been one since birth

    Drayke Roberts

    vividly remember. 1980. when i first started to understand football. my stepdads family all from new orleans taught me best lesson ever learned. Stay true, stay loyal, and the Saints will find a way

    Irene Duke

    Dempsey days😍

    Bo Darville

    I came into the family around 1988. In the Dome Patrol era the battle cry wasn’t WHO DAT! it was CHA CHING!

    Gabrielle Roussel

    Born a saints fan

andrew hager

the year they won the SB was the year i got into football


Damnit. I missed the premier. But this is good ish. Who is that?!?!

    Who Dat

    Who Dat*


When we won the Super Bowl, me and my mom (before the play) was saying interception…interception…and IT HAPPENED! I ran outside knowing we was going to win screaming and crying. Lol. One of the best days of my life

    Bo Darville

    I went to use the restroom in the house after the interception and I remember saying in disbelief to myself “They did it! The Saints won the freaking Superbowl! It’s ours forever.

    Ryan Flanagan

    Go Saints

Kimberly Johnston

January 05, 2020 Wild Card, Who Dat Nation

Leo DC

Every time i watch something like this remembering our Super Bowl journey, the one play some dont talk about but, to me, its one of the greatest plays in Saints history, is going for it on 4 and 1 in overtime, where PT dives our the pile…then a Vikings linebacker (dont remember who exactly it was) puts his helmet DIRECTLY on the ball, yet somehow, someway…PT manages to hang on and not fumble (i believe the ball woulda bounced back like 10~15 yards if this awesome dude doesnt have the strength to hold on it)…what a play. WHO DAT

    Who Dat

    Thats what they’re talking about at the end of the video

Irene Duke

This aspect can be used in so many jobs if ppl have the right leaders like Peyton. Ppl have potential but most must be pushed out of their comfort zone. Sure there may be failures on the way, and this is when good leaders continue to push ppl to a level they have never experienced. Then once they reach it, there is no looking back.
Come on Saints, don’t look back!

Tyler Horton


Tyler Horton

Pierre Thomas one of my favorite saints all time very underrated

Gabrielle Roussel

Reggie ❀️

Edward SuM



Tracy Porter. Porter RD.πŸ™Œ

howardfam6 howard

go and win your 2 super bowl ever

howardfam6 howard

go Taysom hill byu fan

Richard Scott

That sent chills down my spine. I witnessed it from the start. Fan since 1979.

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