Von Miller: ‘We’re just playing for a breakthrough’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

It’s the scheme not enough man coverage! He is still calling that NFC North zone defensive scheme. The is the AFC West, you have to man up here with these quick play west coast offensives.

    J Day

    Agreed bro or at least press zone instead of 8 yards off




    So fucking true, but we can’t with yiadom , hopefully Callahan can come in quick and ball

Gavin Smith

Broncos need and offensive minded coach like Andy Reid
On defense the never should’ve let Danny Trevathan go we need some one with speed to close running lanes so bad

    Flippant Booch

    Gavin Smith nah we good

    Gavin Smith

    @Flippant Booch
    Broncos my fav team

    Lindsay and Emanuel Sanders and quick offensive weapons , definitely not being used correct lol we’re good what have you been watching the last 3 seasons

    Gavin Smith

    @Kung Fu Junkie true that that was Vance Joseph doing tough

    Flippant Booch

    Gavin Smith bro it’s a new season shits not magically gunna click


We love you big guy! Hopefully you guys can get over this slump and play stellar Broncos defense!

#DB4L ❤️💯🔥

    Flippant Booch

    Opethian they will

Kung Fu Junkie

imagine if Elway would kept Wade Phillips and had Vic Fangio as head coach jesus

    Kung Fu Junkie

    @Derrick Mason yes he will


    Wade Phillips was awesome him and Mike S


    Wade Phillips last year was not good. He started fizzling out. So don’t know if that would have been a good idea or not.

    Kung Fu Junkie

    @FADETOBLACK Talib was injured most of the year and Marcus Peters is no Chris Harris Jr. but once they hit the play offs they played very solid, even though they didn’t win the Super Bowl Rams played very good defense against the NFL most deadliest offense, you gotta give credit to Wade Phillips, so i wouldn’t call Wade Phillips defense fizzling if you hold the Patriots to only 13 points there lowest point total probably ever.


    @Kung Fu Junkie I just remember the defense wasn’t playing as good as the year before. Thanks for the novel however.


Who is going to be the fall guy after this season? OC, DC, Vic?

Daniel 24

Come on von I know u guys will get the defense together this weekend

Karl D'Rocco Gallant

The entire team needs to GEL. We all saw this in The Denver Broncos preseason games. Struggling for a win. Elway’s a tightwad.

    Roger Barker

    Where is elway supposed to get all this money you speak of?

Penny Ann Quintana

I love my Broncos hang in there guys we got a real QB for our team I want to watch you play this year you will get there I BELIEVE!

Derrick Mason

Elway is gonna be on the hot seat soon enough if we can’t get this train together we got the talent .. love you Von bro keep your head up

Todd Moyer

vanilla defense i have not seen a lot of creativity.


GO BRONCOS!!!! New coaches, new QB it’ll take a little time to gel. We got this!!!

Kung Fu Junkie

Wade Phillips had this defense on another level that pass rush was legendary, pressure was coming from all angles, Fangio is a far less aggressive defensive player caller but I think he’s trying to.rush with 4 and everyone else drop back in coverage but I’m concern about this team run defense doesn’t look that good but it’s early so we will see how this team shapes up, this defense has potential to be lethal and the offense is much improved Flacco is turning out to be a very good pick up for the Broncos


    Our teams talent isn’t reflective of an 0-2 record ,THE BRONCOS are a team where the patriots would struggle perhaps even lose if all functioned to a high degree of the Broncos overall potential.

Samuel Arenas

I love my Broncos come on Von I don’t want to hear a good week of practice need to get a WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Crouch

Looking at some of these comments you realize who the real fans are and how long they have been a true broncos fan. I’m 32 and I have 2nd and 3rd grade school pictures with an elway Jersey on and 4th,5th and 6th grade with Terrell Davis jersey lol 😂 7th grade I wore a Shannon Sharpe jersey 👌🙏 what I’m trying to say is I’ve been a Denver broncos loud mouth fan for 27-28 years and I’ve only had to deal with two losing seasons that’s damn good in my book considering my cousin is a lions fan and has been for 28-29 years lol 😂😅 🙈 he still never talks as bad about his lions the way you people talk about my broncos…I have friends that are browns fans and raiders fans and every year they back their losing teams up they have their teams back when they need it most. This is a team with all new coaches besides the special teams coach this is a team with a brand new quarterback In Joe flacco this is a team that has all new pieces at defense with new players but I’ve never played together before on offense and defense if you so-called broncos fans can’t just shut up and support your team during two losing seasons since 80 something then you were never even a broncos fan in the first place. Give this team time I know we will have a winning season this year and we will get better during the off season these coaches can draft the guys they want for the team get there “guys” to add with von,Chubb and company and get their own offensive guys they like and want and let them throw in their own ingredients to the recipe good food good wine and good whiskey takes time if you’re not patient enough to enjoy the spoils then get out of #BRONCOSCOUNTRY

    Steven Soco

    Jeff Crouch lmao, these fans who can’t accept the reality of how bad our team is this year. They make me laugh. “Love it or leave it} is what people like this used to say about those who wanted political change.

    I can walk AND chew gum at the same time. Broncos are my team for life, and they suck this year. Led by “Sackless Miller” and “Brainless Bolles” . 😂😂😂


Use the force , don’t force it :then you become the force 🙂


Getting cheated don’t help either



Gabriel Cain-Martinez

Can the Broncos please move Von to MLB

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