Von Miller optimistic for bounce-back season in 2020: ‘I’m always confident in myself’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Avalanche 27

Yooo von the best pass rusher in the nfl

Jacob Himes

I really feel like the energy drew lock has brought is really gonna translate to both sides of the ball its gonna be a great year next year no one looked like they had it in them when flacco was under center fingers crossed for drafting henry ruggs too this guy runs a 4.2 40 that would be great for lock also maybe pick up locks college weapon Emmanuel hall in free agency thats my personal wishlist 🤞

Kung Kash


Flippant Booch

This team will be close to unstoppable

Binx Negale

Can’t wait for this up coming season. Lets Get it….Its going to be LITTYYYYY!!! LOL #broncoscountry #buzzlockyear

Michael Crabtree

Always gotta be confident when it comes to the season. Big things coming in.lets step up the game a bit more and focus on winning. Dont lose hope…cause u guys have a great team. Go out there prepare focus and 2020 is a brand new year. Lets win the division!!!! Go Broncos!!!

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