Von Miller on Chicago Bears’ offense: ‘They’ve got a lot of dangerous weapons.’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Maurizio Zurita

Release the Cracken🥶

    James Davis

    that’s funny as hell man…

Roethlisberger Power

Von, the leader of the Broncos.

    Harold Richard

    Roethlisberger Power he’s going to get traded before the deadline.


Still can’t get a mic for the reporters hmm? Sad

    Bill Romanowski

    Gorgan The Chiefs have mics. Denver is in the stone age. 😟


    @Bill Romanowski Yeah you would think companies that make as many millions as they do would be aware of the areas they are lacking since every single video people mention it but who knows. The big question is which will happen first the broncos get a good franchise QB or they get mics for the reporters?

Flippant Booch

He’s a thug 😂😂😂😂

Josh G

Go broncos

RJ Rhodes

Just watched Shaquil Barrett get 3sacks… Miss those days

ray ray

Did some scoping in the bears and there talking about how both of there tackles are hella soft so chubb and von gonna be back there 24 7 with they speed and strength

    Demaryius Thomas

    ray ray no I’m a bears fan I saw those comments they said they played soft against the packers, not that they are soft. They’re above average

    Kung Fu Junkie

    @Demaryius Thomas that’s all is needed to stop this overrated pass rush, all you guys have to do is quick release the ball and you be fine just take a look at that Raiders game

Brenton Burbank

Von get 4 this game make up for the 2 you dident get last game

Brenton Burbank

Get 34 sacks this yeah its only 2 per game

Brenton Burbank

Chubb can get 34 also step it up

Brenton Burbank

Von if you get 34 sacks this year ill send you a Philippine rooster from the Philippines

A. Goodwin

wish I could hear the questions… I have already asked y’all to fix this. Is audio unable to be properly set up? Or did the audio guy get empowered and retire?

Clyde Triplett

Bring back Wade, why did Wade get fired?

Jack Black

Von miller come on get them sacks. You Chubb on the other side


We let go of Barrett that had three sacks last night let that sink in. Miller you have to do something this game to get the defense going in the right direction.

    I am MGTOW

    Even if Elway offered Barrett a big contract he would still be behind Chubb and Miller. Barrett stated he wanted to be a starter. I am happy for him. He had a monster game against the Siants. He was just as good with the Broncos with the limited playing time he had

    Kung Fu Junkie

    @I am MGTOW yeah he’s younger has fresher legs and probably a step faster then von miller

Kung Fu Junkie

Every since Wade Phillips left Von has not been the same, he’s been on decline i’m not sure if its age, technique or teams just know how to defend him better but he doesn’t have the same impact he once did in games years prior.

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