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Vita Vea Post to Post | Buccaneers

Team reporter Casey Phillips chats with DL Vita Vea about leading by example, what he learned from his rookie year and more as they walk from post to post.

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bowlchamps37 Reply

Our best player on the roster. He has been the reason for our no.1 run defense and also has the best NGS numbers. If only the DBs could cover, he could have 4-5 sacks already.

Joan Melnick Reply

He and Suh are the reason the Bucs are the best at having the best allowing no runs. This is against all pros.

J M Reply

All those Derwin James fans are hiding after seeing how good this guy has made us against the run. RB are in trouble for years to come especially if he gets a little bit more stronger it’s over.

Derek Waters Reply

The most dominating interior defensive lineman in the NFL, ladies and gents

andbrokenglass3 Reply

Trash team just stop posting plz

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