Vita Vea on Keeping the Defensive Front Together & Playing with Ndamukong Suh | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS Reply

Went to high school with him that’s crazy

Kevin Knight Reply

I’m genuinely impressed that Jenna asked a question without referencing Tom Brady

Serge Beauchesne Reply

what did the buccaneers do for the defence, it’s look to me the problem is defence.

    Matthew Longval Reply

    Hurricane knocked down the fence

    Robin Lane Skinn Reply

    @Matthew Longval 😂😂😂😂

    Jutin Butin Reply

    The Bucs have a top ten defense. And as far as what they did to improve it, they got Tom Brady. 35+ turnovers on offense can really and I mean really have a negative impact on the defense. We had the best run defense in the league by far, and during the first 9 games we had Vernon hergreaves starting as our CB 1 in which he was absolutely terrible. After we cut him our secondary was top 10 in the last 9 weeks. And not to mention we also had the sack leader on our team. We also have the best ILB duo in the league with Devin White and Lavonte David. So I wouldn’t be worried at all about the defense

    Bucsfansince '80 Reply

    @Matthew Longval Both spellings with an s or c is correct.

Ryan Allen Reply

I love me some Vita Vea, but does anybody got some smelling salts for our boy. This is like Ricky Bobby’s first interview in Talladega Nights.

Alcolhea Everett Reply

Horrible question jenna stick to the Brady questions 🤣

Bucsfansince '80 Reply

This mans ceiling is on Sapp level. He’s 50 pounds bigger and light on feet just like Sapp. Sapp’s quickness for DT was a thing of beauty.

    20thCenturyMan Reply

    No, he’s nothing like Sapp at all, not saying he wont have great success, but he will do it in a very different way. He tried do all the dancing around that Sapp did he wouldn’t last long. Sapp was undersized but able to turn it into his strength. He’s more straight forward like Suh or McCoy in play style mainly leaning on overwhelming power.


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