#VikingsDraft Virtual Happy Hour Presented by Miller Lite & KFAN FM 100.3’s Draft Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

#VikingsDraft Virtual Happy Hour Presented by Miller Lite & KFAN FM 100.3’s Draft Show

Get a final preview of the 2021 NFL Draft via the #VikingsDraft Virtual Happy Hour Presented by Miller Lite. Interact and celebrate with you favorite Vikings analysts, players and influencers. Then, stay tuned for KFAN's coverage leading right up to the start of the draft. Catch #VikingsDraft coverage on ESPN, NFL Network and ABC or watch the NFL Draft-A-Thon on the NFL Facebook page.

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Alex Bell

to the 8 people that disliked this stream, go watch the packers draft

    Impractical Jokers Fan

    Big facts No cap

    R PM

    The biggest story of the nite is Rodgers….when we watched Green Bay commit suicide.
    But it doesn’t matter
    Because the Yikes are still the Yikes.🥶💦..
    Still don’t have a Center…still need a guard… so Quirk doesn’t feel so afraid.


    @R PM Go and watch Packers stream you can go and cry with them


Trash another year wasted on securing a future franchise QB not kirk the statue.

    Alex Bell

    Just stop.


    @Alex Bell yea cause cousins and shawn manion are the answer 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

    Hue Yang

    He wants networks to call him very smart with lots of draft picks so he traded back down to 23 and two 3rd rounds. But it’s kinda dumb the guy has a record draft picks before and just trash it didn’t help the team at all.

    Dane Winge

    I agree we had a good low pick and dumb and dumber pissed it away for 3rd round picks are you fucking kidding me

    P.J. Fleck

    @Dane Winge they would have drafted Darrisaw anyway though so the situation was kind of neutral. I mean what do you do 🤷‍♂️

Jan Starceski

I think the Vikings are broken they traded again their 1st round draft choice They should fire their head coach along with their draft coaches their current QB Cousins is a backup at best but of course I am just a inexperienced draft analyst but I saw this coming When will management wake up Don’t they get tired of losing. I am fan of over 50 years so tired of this already I could do better peace out

    Brian Nock

    They added 2 extra picks in the draft and still got the guy that a lot of people thought would be off the board before they picked at 14. How can you be mad at that? As far as Cousins, I bet a lot of the rookie receivers last year would’ve loved to have Captain Kirk throwing them into R.O.Y. talks last year. JJ is good but I doubt he gets those numbers without a good QB throwing him the ball. Who do you want to replace him with? Dalton. Foles, Trubiski, Winston, Fitzpatrick… an unproven rookie? Who? Cousins isn’t the problem & you’re still here complaining when they’re making moves to fix the actual problem, the offensive line.

    Jan Starceski

    Brian you are right on fixing the o line but been a fan for over 50 years I still see the same problems Vikings always do a great job rebuilding the o line defense and the draft good receivers and backs but for them to get to the next level they need a great QB and this only happened a few times Fran and Bret and we almost won super bowl with Fran and the NFC with Bret Vikings have do more research in QBs. If you are happy just winning the division that’s fine I am not it’s time for the Vikings to fly they need a great Qb not Cousin take care

Hue Yang

Traded the picks away to get more picks so networks call him smart. 23rd and 2 third rounds. Wow the guy just as smart as those 8 picks before. Did it helped the team improve? No


Christian Barrisaw. Not bad.


    After a trade down 1000IQ move!

Steven Hickey

Spielman’s 10th year with nothing to show except disappointment one year after another. Bonehead moves again. On the bright we face his brother Chris Spielman 2x year. 2 Spielman’s one running the Vikings the other running the Lions equals 2 losing football teams!!!

Joe S

Everyone here are either fake Viking fans or don’t know anything about football. SMH.

    P.J. Fleck

    Row the Viking Ship

Heidi Karns

We can get the players how about the coaches?

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