Vikings WR Bisi Johnson On His Winding Journey to the 53-Man Roster | Under Center with Kirk Cousins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Vikings WR Bisi Johnson On His Winding Journey to the 53-Man Roster | Under Center with Kirk Cousins

welcomes rookie wide receiver Bisi Johnson to the show to talk about his first career catch and his winding journey to the .

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Vicente Aguilera

Skol vikings 💜

james carter

Watch out Bisi gonna come on the show then play the Eagles and finish with 7 catches 130 and 2 tds too

    Sinek Us

    james carter hilarious 🤣. But he has to talk to the press about the offense not doing well.

    Nick Chimchal

    You from the future bro?!?


    Your on to something, time to start bisi on my fantasy league


Skol Vikings!! Lead your team to Victory Kirk!!

Kao Vue

Kirk still on the podcast?


    Kao Vue ikr


Olabisi – “Bring Prosperity to the Family”

Clutch catch for the win in the Super Bowl to bring a title & prosperity to the Vikings?


Paul Holmes

Great kid. Looked good in NY. Hope he keeps doing well.

charlie sather

Why did you guys skip the beginning theme!

Nick Chimchal

More like OlaBEASTY!!!!!!

Christopher Davis

Wow no diggs on the pod cast lol


Good game Kirk and nice bounce back game

Also this Sunday finally found out who our get back coach is shout-out to Terrell Barnes on keeping Zimmer back

Mantiss Toboggan

Havent seen this kid drop a ball. Knew he was gonna get his opportunity, and now hes taking it. Really love this kid


I sure hope this kid is the 3rd WR we’ve been looking for.

George Jefferson

I can see this kid being a Viking for years to come

    manan dedhia

    Really hope so.

Ryan Mitchell

Cousins will be just fine. It’s a team game. Vikings need to rally around cousins and rely on Cook, Thielen, Diggs, most importantly call good plays that fit Cousins strengths. Also not blame cousins and use him as a cop out when they lose. Everyone always thinks it’s a quick fix to pay someone big money. Cousins has talent but he’s no BRADY OR RODGERS. He just needs to be like Dilfer when the ravens won with that stout defense with Ray Lewis & Suggs & Reed. I think people forget Defense can win championships. Cousins just needs to be a game manager that can pull the trigger when the opportunity arises.


I get so hyped when I see Bisi and irv in the formation!🔥

Steven Sampson

Bisi will end this year with better stats then treadwells career

Stephen White

Wtf is this why does your starting QB have a podcast lmfao

Peter kalember

kirk was just in my home town of red wing yesterday would have been cool to meet him


He’s definitely shined on Sunday cant wait to see more from him.kirk show the fans and prove people wrong every sunday. I believe you can take the team to the superbowl

king kong

LETS GO BISI… I’m from Colorado and a viking fan so this is my guy. I need his jeresy for the viking bronco game this year

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