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Loving the look of this new Vikings offense so far.

    Javier EnriquezLynd


    Kindle Watson

    Look good against the Saints backups.🤡

    Orly Ray

    When you’re a vikqueens fan, you get really excited over preseason wins.

Jeremy May

This game was actually quite fun to watch I liked it.

    Tenno Tube2

    Same skol

    Unique Bay

    @A D Vikes a top 5 team, great joke😂

    Pikza YT

    Unique Bay atleast the packers arent a top 10 team


    @Unique Bay yeah, as a vikes fan they aren’t top 5, maybe top 10

Lucid Dreams

It’s about damn time! Football is back 😁

    Mr. Big Chest



    Lucid Dreams you mean handegg

    Ernest Brown2

    The short lived aff can’t nfl.

Danang Dwiatma

Happy to see Teddy Bridgewater play again. #SKOL

    little bill

    DJ 337 that 1st sack was very avoidable

    Javier EnriquezLynd

    Danang Dwiatma when I was watching him I was happy when he made a play because that makes his value go up.

    Sir Weedle

    Lol wait skol is a beer company?


    @Sir Weedle it means cheers in swedish

Gamemaniac 85

In 50+ yrs of football….Noone can defend the flat on a 1st and goal


    A A if that were the case why does every team in the league get beat

    Chris Mequet

    @QUEX Its all about disrupting the rhythm and timing. You’re 100% correct.


    This comment deserves a million likes


    @David Krapenschitz if you were a coach then your team would never win

Mean Machine

If the Vikings O-line can at least be mediocre, they’ll be scary good this year

Colton Sizer

im happy we got that new offensive coach cause out offense is looking nice

    A&M VIkings

    Josh Blaze not really, last year in the preseason we were a ?


    Bro they looked good against backups. They wouldnt do it against Lattimore, Williams, Davenport, Jordan and Rankins.


    MyCrewisDope26 First drive was against the Saints starting defense.

    Chase Menard


    Cam Jordan didnt even play.


    @Josh Blaze people always overreact to pre season

Super Super

I don’t if it’s just me, but does the video seem grainy?

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Super Super the saints dome broadcast during preseason is not hd. Like watch the Cardinals vs Saints game last year.


    it’s because preseason games have a lower budget than regular season games, so the camera quality is lower than regular season games.



    Loli Girl

    @TGSGAMER360 That seems accurate.

Zach Dragon

That Thielen catch reminded me of the week 2 catch against the Packers

    Philip M

    funny, the only thing i remember is the refs handing you guys that game. -_-

    Skinnymaine Da Mane

    @Philip M I remember that vikings kicker missing 10 points in fgs attempts in a score that ended 29-29 otherwise.

    Octavius Bailey

    Christopher Paul it was! The throw was more impressive to me




A’lil Jordan Humphrey was a beast for my LongHorns! I hope he’s a beast for the Saints!


    Slow down it was against the 3rd/ 4th team defense

    Sean Mccall

    Im excited to see more of him, Devine Ozigbo too.

    Coughing Cat

    EbkSaints Nation he mossed everyone in college look at his highlights he doesn’t need speed

    Coughing Cat

    From his catches he looks good

Taylor C.

It was nice to see touchdown Teddy doing good, was kinda sad to see him leave Minnesota, hopefully he plays good for the saints

    Pikza YT

    Taylor C. good backup for the saints*


    Pikza YT
    Yeah obviously but someone has to come after Drew

    David Krapenschitz

    Nah he’s Teddy 2 Gloves

    Cody Sunseri

    Teddy is the future


    @DanwithaD They will draft a QB of the future, but Brees will play some more years yet

thomas vang

Good win for vikes but I’m happy for teddy. Hope to see him play after brees retire

    jay W

    @Chris Laird

    Teddy a pocket qb. Stop using athletic code word. T. Hill the athletic running qb, but you won’t say nothing about that

    Matt Foley

    Brandon Smith Warren Moon


    yeah it was fun watching Teddy play. Pretty cool they have Murray too

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Zack Haselius Payton may rotate them when the time comes.

Yard Byrd

Can you NFC clubs zero in on these punk Patriots for once?😋

    Rusty Shackleford

    Well that’s the problem. The NFC is a gauntlet and they wear each other out throughout the season and especially in the playoffs. Then you have the cheaters up in NE who first off get six easy wins every year because their division has been trash for the last 19 years. Then the rest of the AFC is down as well outside of KC. So NE strolls through a bunch of cupcakes and get to play an NFC team that has been beaten up and been through the ringer. If you switched NE to the NFC they wouldn’t get past the divisional round.


    @midcash exactly


    Could the AFC zero in and not let them on the Super Bowl every single the year…

    Tyler Capps

    Saints will , you all will see

    Mickey Authement

    If it weren’t for the Ref NOT calling defensive pass interference they would have lost last years Superbowl. Saints would have beaten them.

Daniel Hernandez

Alexander Mattison was a beast during high school!

    Shelly Edwards

    Welp this not high school

    Lame Random

    Shelly Edwards he still looked like a beast today sooooo

    Shelly Edwards

    @Lame Random let you tell it


    Every player on the field was a beast during high school. It’s the freakin NFL dude.


    All these athletes were beasts in high school 😂😂

Jonathan Berrios

The video looks like it was recorded back in 2001 lol

    Chowdz zz

    Jonathan Berrios it’s the saints stadium

Jonathan Dalcour

#84 Lil Jordan Humphrey will be star in the making if given the opportunity.

    macdaddy danny

    Jonathan Dalcour facts


    Big facts. Plus his name is Lil Jordan😂 can’t tell me that ain’t a future star name

    MBCaution MBCaution

    Jonathan Dalcour That’s what I’m sayin

    MBCaution MBCaution

    JK lol


    Needs to get a bit faster, but his ball skills are second to none

Kyle Linder

The vikes running game is looking pretty scary already! And dont forget about Adam and Diggs!

    Ike Greger

    @Derp Guy you’re just salty

    Blaze Zavage

    Just the o line that the Vikings need to work on

    Jake Green

    @Tommy P against backups yea

    Khalil Hopkins

    @Derp Guy you’re tweaking

Blow' The Whistle

Vikings have a ton of talent #23 needs to make this squad he’s nice but good W for my Viks.

Chris Phillippe

Have to say taysom hill looking pretty good just need to work on that arm accuracy

    jay W

    Teddy looking better. I guess that’s why he jumped Hill in the starting lineup. My cousins on the saints and i hear the coaches love Teddy and feel extremely comfortable now if Brees goes down or retires compared to before.


    @Stefan Bayoumi he is just so raw at the qb position but he def has the arm strength and accuracy can always improve so i can see them grooming him


    These are just the highlights. There were a lot of bad throws he did last night. Teddy definitely is the #2 going forward.

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @jay W Teddy has football smarts and a great arm.We will be fine.


Damn preseason makes me so nervous, hold my breathe when I see Thomas or Kamara taking a hit or tackle

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