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Ben Garrott

Perfect Preseason for Buf

    Mr Milk

    Preason means nothing


    BlueComet1991 playoffs lol you must be joking.

    Gro Skunk

    @BlueComet1991 gonna lose the wild card and not even make it to a divisional


    First time in history for them


    @Mr Milk it means nothing on your record towards post season but preseason means everything to the team especially a team that has alot of depth at position of need gotta work out the kinks to make sure you choose the best players for the final roster

Evil Duck

How did the Vikings allow 21 points in the 4th quarter in 4 minutes

    Jaden Hanson

    @Jay Cee 3rd string defence I tell you. Plus that Madden my career character as quarterback for the bills is definitely worth a starting position. *Cough *cough Colts


    @Jay Cee this is the last preseason game no starters all 3rd stringers fighting for a roster spot trust me they didnt stop trying in the 4th because they thought they won none off the players cared if they actually win or not they cared about how they performed to make sure they have a job


    @Jaden Hanson 3rd string defense vs 3rd string offense

    Jaden Hanson

    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan yeah but obviously that quarterback and the special teams return is what really switched the game around. That is a Madden my career character as the buffalo bills qb is definitely starter potential.

    Joshua Galdys

    @Payton Heron they were up 23-6


Oof, the vikes allowed 21 points in the 4th quarter.

    S m2744

    @MRTUPAC 28 relevant because it’s 2 teams with guys that worked their whole life to compete at an elite level and show they have what it takes to take place of a high risk injury job.

    Gro Skunk

    Doesn’t mean anything since not a single starter was on the field.

    Ellis Arimitsu

    Venonmous626 mid-season form

    Chad Wilson

    3rd string math students

Jayceon So Super Sexy

Allowed 21 points in 5mins I left the stadium At 3rd quarter

    Snarlx BWrights

    remind me when the lions above anyone… wish they would have started the super bowl a year or two earlier.. it wouldn’t be called the lambardo trophy haha

    Shawn Dritschel

    I stayed for the whole game it was pretty sweet go bills

    Kyle Maier

    Same here bro 😭

    Conner Micheal

    Not a true bills fan…


    @Detroit Over Everything lol Vikings fans even understand.

Son of a Gun

Tyree Jackson looks like „Create a player“ with overdone measurable in Madden😂

    BIG DA

    Son of a Gun with undrafted initial throwing ratings he was checking down like crazy and was missing a bunch of easy throws the kind that make you rage in franchise player mode

    Jack Trippin777

    I think he can develop if given A year or two he’s got too much talent not to see if he can continue to grow, he made some decent throws tonight just really rookie stuff that’ll come clean with experience as far as mistakes, with the right help…



    Jaden Hanson

    @Christopher Pool I’m also kinda confused on which side ur on

    Christopher Pool

    @Jaden Hanson. Haha not on sides just throwing out facts. Especially so much hype for a pre-season game.

    Christopher Pool

    @Jaden Hanson. Vikings started with there 3rd strings in and finished with the guys getting cut. Lol I seen the bills put in a guy deep in the fourth after pulling him in the beginning . plus all the no calls in that game haha. Its pre-season for a reason. I guess bills fans need something to be hyped about.

    Jaden Hanson

    @Christopher Pool well ya gotta cheer for one of the 31 teams in this league

    Christopher Pool

    @Jaden Hanson. Haha I guess. Brown’s are a tram too

Rappa Nui

Whoever likes this will have good luck for the rest of your life

Bills Mafia

4-0 bills preseason for the first time ever 👀👀

    Troller 8787

    50k Chiilz says the kid that used his first swear word and has a Fortnite picture as his icon lol

    Michael Wheater

    Christopher Pool that’s the only thing bills haters can talk about. Bring up a different point. That is completely irrelevant. No player from the super bowl team is on the roster and we had #2 ranked defense last year and we’ve done nothing but improve the roster. It’s just an added bonus that they went 4-0 on the preseason. But we’ll see once the season starts


    @Christopher Pool all he said was this is the first time bills won all 4 preseason games i dont know if your mad that the bills won even though its only preseason so you gotta make bs up saying that he thinks its regular season or what ever that nonsense you said 😂😂😂

    A Fucking Bird


Mike C.

Okay I’m going to say it: Kyle Sloter has been balling this preseason. He plays like a starter.


    Mike C. He’s also playing against a bunch of non starters but he’s doing alright


    @Bills Mafia you forget he’s also playing WITH 3rd stringers…

    Lucid Dreams

    @BaronVonBielski name a starting QB who hasn’t thrown a pick?

thatguy youkno

I came for Christian wade plays…. Nothing this time… But Murphy tho 👀👀👀


    SeatBill he has played professional rugby. Although not the same, it made his transition much easier.

    Jim Roper

    thatguy youkno same


    @Freddy FTW I wouldn’t say it’s automatic he’d be on the practice squad; the Bills need those slots for players who can help them NOW, if need be, and with the RB room they have now (McCoy, Gore, Yeldon, Singletary) something DRASTIC would have to happen for them to need an RB. And they may need more WRs or OLers on the PS for backup (especially with the way injuries have happened so far), so I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal with Wade. Also, Wade may not WANT to sit for a year; he COULD ask Buffalo for his release, so he’d have a chance to play THIS year. We”ll know by Monday how things shake out…but I’m hoping they keep him.


    @clacicle I understand that, but he’s still “transitioning” by having to learn how to run behind NFL blocking, learn a pro offense, block opposing players, and a lot of other things. Going from rugby to the NFL is NOT an easy thing. His two great runs were more based off of his athleticism, speed, and vision, than anything else – and, while those are great qualities to have, the position requires a lot more! What he’s dome to get to this place is a great story…but I know the Bills and his teammates are telling him that he still has a LOT of work to do, too!

    Samuel Young

    they already know wade gets the 11th exception practice squad spot

Bills Mafia

Vikings choking vs bills? Whats new

    Bills Mafia

    Go Gators josh allen is good sooo. 🤷‍♂️

    Bills Mafia

    JacksonPlayz when have bills finished with 4 wins? 😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Go Gators

    @Bills Mafia Well they just finished with 6 wins last year so it ain’t that far fetched

Erwin Martinez

Let’s get it Buffalo. Good luck during the season.

Ninja Sammy

3:55 as a Bills fan I felt that😂😭

Thereal 1

Bills with the comeback of the preseason 💪

    Adham Sabek

    Thereal 1 does it really matter only regular and playoffs matter

    Joey Reid

    Adham Sabek -Viking fan

    Murphy's Law

    @Adham Sabek your country thanks you


    @Adham Sabek thats why he said “preseason”


Bills backup kicker: Makes 54 yard FG

All of Minnesota: 👀


I did not see that ending coming. Wow!

Julian Rhoades

Every defensive player that was on the field for the Vikings for the last 8 minutes of the game deserves to be cut

thedominatior39 R

So I left during the 4th quarter when the Bills where down 17 and I get about halfway home and turn on the radio to hear Tyree Jackson threw a TD to give the Bills the win life is strange sometimes

Stealthbomb Smith

Bills beat the Vikings with a end game td pass at home, just Orton to Watkins back in 2014.

Jake Viveros

Ooohhh, The Vikings forgot nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!

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