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Vikings Secondary

Anthony Harris > Amos and soon Eddie Jackson

    J Dragon

    ASAC Schrader your crazy

    Webster Kollie


    ASAC Schrader

    @J Dragon Nah bro keep sleeping

    Tropic Mix

    L for bringing up Eddie Jackson

    Shawn Johnson

    And he’s the Robin to Harrison Smith’s Batman as the Vikings Safeties.

STCB Prod.

Matt ryan looking like 2014 playoff peyton manning, while the vikings went back to 2017 vikings d…

Jerry Junior

Damn, never thought I see Kirk Cousins whoop the Falcons, this team better wake up next week, Battle of the birds.

    Tropic Mix

    @Lispy Crammy 6-10 coming up, and you have the beat receiver in the league on your team, shits sad

    Isaac Stewart

    @Jerry Junior Wait the Vikings defense isn’t all that great? Dude they have literally been top 5 for the past five years… They were also the number 1 defense in 2017

    Isaac Stewart

    @The Life Analyst He’s there to dig the Vikes out of close games, however, he IS a game manager in blow outs, as most quarterbacks should be. There is no reason to throw the football when you’re up the whole game. Vikes had this game in the bag after Q1 if they could keep running the ball, which they did.

    Lispy Crammy

    @Tropic Mix oh man, that’s a yikes.we easily could have beaten the Vikings today. 14 points would be taken away if turnovers didn’t occur. Freeman came away with the ball but ruled Vikings ball. Turnover on one yard line which was gonna be a touchdown. So no, not 6-10 think again


    The Life Analyst how was he garbage??? He went 8 for 10… and a td.

Tyrus Sparks

Anthony Harris is a stud

    Magnum Brahms

    Damn right.

The Fort Gaming

That DEFENSE is hungry πŸ˜‹


I miss 96 questions

It’s good to see Everson out there killing it.

Cyber Captain Olimar

I’m a Bear fan but I think Vikings are real contenders this year

    Cyber Captain Olimar

    @Isaac Stewart Hopefully he pulls it together.

    Cyber Captain Olimar

    @Get Money Viking have a real offence this year, unlike my team…


    The NFC North is the hottest Division

    Nicky Tesla

    Don’t worry. Our offensive line is still trash

Darrell Campbell

Minnesota Vikings defense is back to form and loaded.

Zach Dragon

Talk about shutting down one of the best offenses in the league


    Yes well do that when it comes to that. Meanwhile we had the Falcons.


    @PLF LOL

Zach Dragon

Anthony Harris is the biggest playmaker nobody’s talking about.


    I want him to go under the radar.

    FakeUser NameTwo

    He’s alway at the right place at the right time, and actually making the play. Lowkey deadly

    Mr. Suhaib

    A breath of fresh air from Sendejo, trying to torpedo into everybody and not even bothering to wrap up


    Mr. Suhaib YES!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ger Yang

Anthony Harris SNATCHED that from Julio

    jabba dabba

    anthony harris says, aaaaaaannnd 22 million to 3!!! guess who wins? lol

Dish Man

I’m not a Vikings fan but that defense tough

    Darrell Campbell

    It been like that for years ever since Zimmer took over.

    Donut _

    Nah the Falcons just looked pathetic

Mike Weber

Blocked punt, 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery. Great day for the Vikings defense!


    Not only that but offense capitalized on each of those turnovers, definition of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

    Donut _

    All the turnovers were caused by the Falcons themselves, they made it easy for you


    @Donut _ ok?🀑

    D Green

    @Donut _ πŸ˜‚ you must be butthurt falcons got wrecked dog, you wit them Hawks or sum cuz you looking like a 🀑

    Darrell Campbell

    The D is optimistic now of the start 2019 season.

whitemike414 Aka MJG

Die hard Vikings fan here and want to say get ready Vikings fans this will be an exciting year.

    Wynston Williams

    Hope so man this team has teased me for years

Don Slaughter420

people really thought atlanta would win πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€

Get Money

Our Defense looks solid with this running game Kirk just has to manage and make a couple plays a game on 3rd down SKOL NATION WE ARRIVED

Guy Black

Kendricks out there looking like a DB lol. And man, Harris might finally get some recognition this year. He was good last year too


that’s a scary vikings defense. relentless, mobile, aggressive, and performs at an elite level. my god.


You know Eddie Jackson last year coming out of nowhere with 6 INTs?

I liked that and now I see Harris starting with 2 in one game let’s go

Mr. Suhaib

Being defensively dominant is so much more impressive than offense IDGAF when anyone says. Both in basketball and football being a good defender requires so much more physical talent and mental-acquity than being a good offensive PG or QB (most important positions etc).
Imagine trying to stop worldclass athletes from doing what they want to do, and not being a psychic.
Shoutouts to the coaches too, I think coaching in the NFL is much more important than coaching in the NBA with all the schemes and formations

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