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Explosive shane

That was crazy my falcons needs to do something

Jeremiah Bryant

πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ my falcons are starting off the season pretty rough

    Golden G Golden

    Yeah it hurts


    Downtown right now and everybody is looking sad/mad


    Falcons always start rough and picks up as season goes on

    Teresa Dewey

    hate to say it but its the Vikings… That D was something today

    SquishyTaco Gaming

    @Jp Thabeast and they gave up 2. Oof

Shortest SB Champion QB

And now a pick, Vikings D continuing where they left off

    James Powell

    Fantasy life saver first round.

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @James Powell I have the Vikings D on one of my teams. I switch them in for Jacksonville, great decision

    Andrew K

    @Shortest SB Champion QB Yah great decision hahaha tuff luck man

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @Andrew K Tuff luck? No I switch from Jags D to Vikings D. Got me like 21 points

Brandon Oberg

VIKINGS 2 TDs in first 6 plays, defense Int & Blocked Punt, 7 minutes left in 1st quarter

    Joseph Rowley

    What happened? How did vikings get the ball back? Atlanta was driving inside the Vikings 10. Did Atlanta play desperate and went for all and nothing?

    Samuel Morton

    @Joseph Rowley the falcons never got past the Vikings 35. They punted at midfield, that was there best drive of the first quarter

    Ethan Leicester

    Joseph Rowley Anthony Harris picked off Ryan in the end zone


    I was at the game it was pure pandemonium

Addikin Baatz

Let’s go vikings!

Kenneth Petovic


Donald Allen

God knows it’s so hard to be a Falcons fan, been a Falcons fan since 1975 and the struggle is real

    Nathan Ingle

    Skoldier 19 Vikings, they’ve had it pretty bad too


    Go vikes

    derek mason

    Atleast youve won a superbowl…im a vikes fan lol

    Skoldier 19 Vikings

    @derek mason
    Atlanta has no sb

    Skoldier 19 Vikings

    @Nathan Ingle they’ve made a recent super bowl appearance unlike us. But they played the cheaters

Travis Rehder

Jesus almost broke his leg πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😰😰😰😰😰😬😬😬😬

    Jaden Hanson

    Took a kick to the face

peter conway

Go Vikings!!!

Quan Tn

Vikings always been known for punt blocks

TCN Sports,News,Media

Vikings for life


Really wondering if Dan Q should be head coach and defense coach at the same time???

Favian Alba

Man hopefully this season we play better than last season

Carlos Samayoa

As a packers fan I gotta say this defense is SCARY

    D Bail

    I’m scared of your defense too granted it was against the Bears offense but you guys still looked good

    Joseph Saeteurn

    playing a falcon team what was so disappointing last year. hell no its not scary.

    Carlos Samayoa

    @D Bail definently good games between our teams ..just please dont take our qb out again πŸ˜‚


    @Joseph Saeteurn to be frank falcons havnt beat the vikings at home since 2008


I like how the players are fighting for the ball after the block doesn’t matter who ends up with the ball it would be Vikings ball.

Big White Duck

Vikings OU 9.5 and division winner was easy pickings this year


Vikings are going to be a force in the NFC. Cousins, Diggs, Cook, Thielen are huge weapons!

    FakeUser NameTwo

    And those dudes you just named didn’t even have to do much that game.

    Chase Evans



I’m surprised the ref didn’t throw a flag just for the sake of ruining a good special teams play


#87 Graham blows his assignment, double teams a guy and lets in 2 free rushers. #41 takes the first purple he sees flashing across his vision. Wilson still untouched.

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