Caden Trow

1st good win boys



Colts fan4 Life

0:30 inject that straight into my soul

    Lawrence Mason

    Yes we did it



Lawrence Mason

I’m so proud of my team

Hog Rider

I’m an offensive lineman and they don’t get a lot of credit but when they do it makes me feel so good

1 Man Dynasty

Big time Win if u can beat that team u can beat anytime in the league

1 Man Dynasty

* beat any team in the league on any given sunday

Dilwar Vega

All me credit goes to each single player and the coaching staff! Everyone gets their job done because the team is working as a TEAM!!! Let’s keep moving forward and have a show in Indy ! 💙💙

Luis Colin

Great week 3 win

Corbin Sanders

Even as just a fan, this is such a cool thing to be a part of. Everything about this Colts team is just special


So proud! Go Colts!!!

HockeyLife 8

Chris Ballard is the GOAT

joel lopez

So proud of my team .. wat a way to bounce back after that horrible loss to the raiders ..GO COLTS!!!!!!!

David Clayton

Big win. Another big game coming up !


No doubt, this is Jacoby Brissett’s team now. Players love and respect him, you can tell. Jim Irsay’s jacket is terrifying.

    Barron Ingram

    😊 that jacket looks sharp to me, but you’re right about jacoby , the defense, man that o line is no joke 💪makes mack look like the edge playing pick a hole

    Chris Myers

    Jacket is fire! You probably couldn’t even afford that same jacket.


    @Chris Myers I couldn’t afford one of the buttons on that jacket. I’m a huge Irsay and Colts fan. I wasn’t putting him down. Dude bought David Gilmour’s Black Strat. You gotta love that.

Mike Mercer

WAY TO GO COLTS! Huge win!

Ian Burke

impeccable way to bounce back after that shocking loss to the raiders

Micheal Stillabower

peyton mannings 21 point comeback in 4 minutes on monday night football: am I joke to you?

Jeremy Sargent

Well we know colts social media ppl high And drunk af. It was week 5 but the title say week 3

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