Vic Fangio on New Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, “They’re getting an excellent football coach” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Vic Fangio on New Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, “They’re getting an excellent football coach”

Hayley Elwood sits down with Broncos head coach Vic Fangio to break down everything Chargers fans need to know about new Chargers head coach Brandon Staley, including Staley's past as a college quarterback, how he excelled last year as defensive coordinator for the Rams, and what intangibles he brings as a head coach.



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William Moran Reply

LETS GOOO!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️ I’m excited as hell! Welcome to the team coach!

Michael Nguyen Reply

Interesting that a divisional head coach would interview about a new rival head coach. Promising insight regardless.

    NinjaPUHlease Reply

    Fangio has been Staley’s boss in Denver and Chicago, so it’s not totally random. Plus, it’s not like he’s giving away any secrets about the Broncos, just giving him praise.

    Anyways, Staley looks like he’ll be a good n balanced coach. He is considered the “defensive version of McVay” and also played QB in HS and college so he knows the offense too. Plus former players love him! He might be able to bring some Rams guys to the Bolts 🙏

    Max Power Reply

    because staley owes his entire career to vic lol. vic was the one who plucked him from obscurity.

    Steffen Vukojevich Reply

    Yeah I was like Denver! What the..,

    Chazz v37 Reply

    I know like why tf does he care

    s Reply

    @NinjaPUHlease i don’t understand why people act like he himself is gonna control the offense or defense. That’s the specialist coaches job like coordinators and position coaches. The head coaches job is to run the whole football team seamlessly. It requires a lot of determination, patience and obviously skill, which lynn didn’t have. What makes u think staley who has one year experience of calling plays in the nfl can run a whole team.

JHC55 Reply

Wow Vic Fangio interviewed with us!?! Well thats a first for a divisional rival lol

Joho Films Reply

surprising interview

Steven Foley Reply

Vic fangio earned my respect


    I really only hate Raider fans. Chiefs fans and Broncos are more tolerable

    Robert Winston Reply

    @ひ same but we took them out playoffs so they hate us more then ever

    Mr Orange Reply

    @Robert Winston Hard to hate anyone when you’re not winning. It’s just games at that point.

DVC SD Reply

Wild…The broncos head coach on the chargers channel.

Tenman Gaming Reply

Def interested on seeing how much better our defense will be. As we never blitz!!!!! And we have murray and he really shined when we had him at Mike blitzing the qb from time to time . Our offense just needs a shot caller tbh none of that running on 1st and 2nd down playing too passive

Ryan C Reply

When you have a below average or average QB, you need an offensive guru to help him play better. But when your QB is already good, a progressive defensive guru can help make him elite. He does this by teaching his QB how to read and attack the defense because a defensive HC knows exactly what the opponent’s defense is doing. Tomlin did it with Ben, Dungy with Manning, and Bill with Tom. Example: Bill and Tom would sit down privately multiple times a week to go over how they think the defense will attack Tom and come up with a game plan on how to dissect it.

    Ryan C Reply

    @Ed C17 yup. Forgot about that one!

    Ryan C Reply

    @craniak716 I had the same reaction as you too lol. But now I can’t wait til the season starts.

    Ryan C Reply

    @Dark-Boson369 hell yea. And once he learns to do that at an elite level, the game slows down way more for him and he’ll make it look easy especially he’s a highly intelligent guy.

    Brendan Cunningham Reply

    @SureOkYeah exactly right. If success was purely based on experience, then why did our last 3 coaches get fired? Nothing is guaranteed. Staley has done nothing but impress since he entered the NFL, which is intriguing. I can’t wait to see what he can do.

    Justin Nguyen Reply

    I’m so glad Miami chose the 13 wonderlic score QB ahead of us so we wouldn’t be forced to make that mistake. Justin Herbert is both an athlete and a scholar, that’s we he adapted to the mental game so quick his rookie year. Tua’s ceiling is very low because he has to rely purely on his athleticism. We got 40 year old slow QBs still putting up big numbers because you can play that position on just experience, intelligence and average arm strength alone.

Jose Ortiz Reply

Our time to win our division back is upon us ⚡️ #BoltUp

    roberto galvan Reply

    It’s time ⚡️

Johnny Tran Reply

Wow! Media team undefeated🔥! How they pull this off? Interviewing a divisional rival HC🙌💪

Dan Newth Reply

The way his career is going next year someone else will hire him as GM

    Penis Sex Reply

    Not how it works lol

    SD Fishin Reply

    You can’t be serious

Bolt Productions Reply

I wasn’t expecting an interview like this

SL Echo Reply

Gettin excited for him. Great thought to interview Fangio, he had a lot of great inside knowledge about our new head coach. #BoltUp

Sonny D. Reply

Coach Staley is a innovator and keeps up with today’s game!! This is the type of coach we have been needing!! I’m super excited to see this teams performance under Coach Staley’s Los Angeles Super Chargers!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Ty Fab Reply

I just hope we keep pep on staff maybe bump him up to OC

    Barnabas Loie Reply

    colts fans have said this is a huge mistake. he’s a great QB coach, but an awful OC. that being said, i hope the prospect of developing herbert is enough for him to stay.

Andre Ecija Reply

Yeah the Chargers got a great new head coach and let’s wait and see next season okay keep staying safe America Bolt Up⚡

FScorpion678 Reply

makes sense since Staley was a pupil of Fangio, great defenses followed wherever fangio went

Frankie Y Reply

This is……..interesting. Feel like the NFC coach Sean McVay would’ve been more appropriate but hey 🤷🏽‍♂️

No Face No Case Reply

I’m so excited for our future with Herbert and Staley !

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