Vernon Hargreaves on Defensive Takeaways and the Front Seven | Bucs Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Allan Hernandez

Hv3 let’s go!

Mike M.O.B

Vernon, your right… the front 7 is the defense. U guys in the secondary get torched too many times man. Step it up PLEASE.

    Eli Knight

    Mike M.O.B like fr he been soo mfn trash bruh

    Jeremy Jones

    Mike M.O.B It happens when you play aggressive defense we knew from the very beginning we didn’t have the best secondary player in the world. I like this style rather than what we did the last 5 years playing 10 yards off every down😂

    Mike M.O.B

    @Jeremy Jones

    Yeah that Zone defense will get u picked apart by any QB!



Aaron Oderbert

Just stay healthy Vernon.

You are the vet and capable of improving so much. Go shine‼️ (carefully)


That whole secondary gotta step up forreal

Juan Carlos Perez

Bro more press coverage plzzz , you stay getting torched

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