Update: Bears prepare for London, Smith returns to practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Michael Ott


    Sauce Money

    Michael Ott
    Hell yeah!
    Thank you for your service

    Victor Salazar

    Michael Ott bears will win by at least 17 points

Humzah Bokhary

can’t watch the game because stupid dish network doesn’t support fox😤smh

    Matthew Junior

    You better get with the program and download Yahoo Sports. Lol.

    Humzah Bokhary

    Anish Abraham yoooo thanks man god bless

    matthew alicea

    Vipleague. Just got some pop ups to deal with

    cris solis

    Is yahoo sports always reliable for the bears games or just for this special London game?

    travelChi Japan

    Drop dish and get sling or hulu live

Randy J

The offense is a trash fire. I can’t recall one good player Pace has drafted for that side of the ball. Lots of mediocre guys and bums.

    Matthew Junior

    Anthony j Damn bruh, I thought y’all were dogs. Y’all can’t get along?

    Kevin Moy


    Ramaun Thompson

    Anthony miller, javon wims, david Montgomery, tarik cohen


    Bro get out of the comment section if all you’re gonna do is hate and spread misinformation

    Jfamily Online

    Lmao you stfu real quick huh

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Bert McGee

Go Bears We on Our Way The Road To The Super Bowl

Mikey Eastbound

Of course we supported him and kept our business our business…. SQUAD!!! 🐻⬇️

Sadiq Hough

Got Mack?!?! 🐻⬇️♾

Da Bears

Word on the street Roquan shited him self before the game..🤣😂

    Never Wolf

    Da Bears that sad lol

    cris solis

    If true of Course.


    He said it was personal issues. We have no idea what that might entail. Can’t you just leave him alone and be glad we got a great player back?

    Eric Mendoza

    @ohthethings that guy isn’t a Bears fan but a cheesehead fan.

Brandon Freres

Roquan is gonna be a big asset against these raiders. We need him to play good pass coverage like we know he can.

Nb B182

This won’t be a easy game, Raiders are a decent team.

Carlos Pimentel

CHI: 9
OAK: 55

    Magic Trick88

    Did you not watch the past 4 bears games? 😂

DJ Kosloski

I can just imagine what the Brits are saying in a pub: “Aw why yes! That was one dandy kick by the American football player! Was it not Nigel?” “Aww yes Joffrey! How smashing!”

No offense British people. I’m just trying to be funny…

Bow Hunter

Soooo….what was with Roquan Smith?

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