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Blessed Lord

If we lose then the season is over. The Broncos are trash.

    Ricardo Aguinaga

    @Ece Gamez theres no time to chill the Vikings and packers already have a game on us, so we need to keep up with them for the division

    Ece Gamez

    Ricardo Aguinaga week 1 dude anything could happen personally should be a game for us to handle just offense got to shake off the rust but joe Flacco isn’t gonna do good at all against our D and our D should be able to turn the ball to our offense just NAGY GIVE OUR ROOKIE MORE TOUCHES

    Ece Gamez

    Blessed Lord yes very true but it’s just the start to our Super Bowl season need better play calling mix run and pass and o-line gotta help out trubisky and whoever is the running back use David and Tarik mostly Davis is more of a third down back tho but heads up we ain’t going 0-2

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    Ece Gamez
    Waaaayyyyyy better everything by Mitch. He was as bad as you could be week 1.

    Ece Gamez

    Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming Trubisky wasn’t bad but he had a lot of mess ups and that’s all on Nagy o-like was letting them get to trubisky so many times all his throws were because he was pressured way to much the tape don’t lie


Mitch you also need to do your job go bears tho

    Ece Gamez

    DBGaming that’s my answer

Fortress One

No confidence Mitch is playing 😬

    Fortress One

    Mark Messina I agree ☝️ but Mitch doesn’t have confidence anymore you can see it in his press conference. Now maybe he rebounds but idk if he can

    Sauce Money

    Alex Stewart the O-Line was not “terrible” smh
    I know as a Bears fan that’s an easy thing to say since we’ve had terrible O-lines the last 25 years. This line is pretty decent.
    If you know anything about football and analyzing what happening on the field you’d see missed reads on blitz packages, missed blocks by RBs and terrible play calls to help with blitzes.

    It’s pretty disgusting of you to blame the offense line when we had a Qb missing passes by 15 yards and throwing ints mixed with stupid play calls and a extremely unbalanced pass to run ratio

    Alex Stewart

    @Sauce Money Go rewatch the tape bruv. Then i expect a reply from you. I watched the tape 3 times, The line and play calling was bad, and the multiple drops.

    Sauce Money

    Alex Stewart I’ve watched the tape bruv.
    That’s what I said was our blocking schemes were bad (“line play calls”)
    Are you seriously just in denial about how bad Trubisky was by saying “multiple drops” ?

    Alex Stewart

    @Sauce Money 3 drops from Gabriel alone, 2 from Shaheen, Yeah Mitch didn’t play his best but he was not bad at all, O-line was bad in comparison on how they usually play, and 12 run plays called, to 50 pass plays, Yeah way to set your QB up for success. Go watch the tape again, you don’t know anything about football.



Pablo Moreno

I still believe

Mark Messina

Try running the ball for once Nagy. Denver won’t expect that..


The fact is the Chicago Bears are not a complete team. There are several weak links. Coach, Quarterback, Offensive Line and Defensive Secondary. Coach doesn’t know how to call play’s and lacks aggressive attitude. Quarterback can’t read the complete field and has trouble picking up secondary receivers. Offensive line is not disciplined, getting penalties at key moments of the game and can’t hold a pocket long enough. The secondary just can’t cover their receivers because their just to slow. This week you will see Denver beat the Bears in a passing game. Nagy say’s the team doesn’t point fingers when something goes wrong. Well, then it’s time for every player to be accountable for their repeatable mistakes.

    Eric McLaughlin

    Robert you have no I idea what your talking about Nagy runs a offense that needs a good qb and we don’t have that Nagy is not a weak link

    Andrew S.


    Andrew S.


Christian Solid

Nagy wont run the ball…hes just gonna try to prove how great Mitch is by craming pass plays over and over and over and put pressure on that o-line of his yet again…mind you even if they win this game i wont be impressed 🙄…thats how disappointed i am with the way the Offense played last week…only way they get my attention is if they win 5 in a row

Joseph Archer

You MF company to damn much yall expect alot from them damn half of you MF wasn’t on the bandwagon last year it’s still the beginning of the season you MF are some cry babies

Ang S

Trubs needs a balanced game from Nagy.
30 or less pass attempts:
8-0 record
16 TDs
4 INTs

More than 30 pass attempts:
3-5 record
9 TDs
9 INTs

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