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A season to remember ❤ They’ll be back and be stronger than ever.


This season had so many ups and downs, the future is so bright.

chase parker

Can’t get complacent. Gotta keep pushing and getting better. This team will go as far as Trevor takes us.

Deven Mellor

The success we had this season is definitely sustainable and the more encouraging part is that we could have won even more games this past season if not for missed opportunities here and there which is mostly just due to a new system, schemes, etc. Unlike after 2017, this time we now have the right coach and QB to continue leading the way. We will be back but the super bowl is ultimately the goal, obviously. This off-season will be the big test for Baalke pertaining to continue building the team.


we’ll never forget this season, thank you. 💙🖤 🐆


Thank you to our media team for the amazing production of Sounds of the Game this year. It was exceptional.


    Best media team in the LEAGUE


This is gonna be hard to watch, but I’m still proud of my home team.

    Harrison Z

    Got 45 seconds in…. I’m done. See ya.

    Skylar Waynick

    @Harrison Z bro when foye, Arden key and Eazy e talked I straight cried, this team is a family man. I hope no one leaves.

    Pop Culture Jaguar

    @Skylar Waynick I started to cry when Evan started to choke up

    Brandon Coxwell

    Bro Baalke and Peterson did what Coughlin and Caldwell do. Players want to be here

Adam Carey

That’s my team, always. The social media team has done a PHOENOMENAL job this year. Future is brighter than it ever has been. Go Jaguars


Man, you can just hear the emotion on Engram’s voice. I didnt think we would resign him because of cap, but now im not so sure, he seems to actually love playing for the jags.

    Das Das

    He played his best year because he knew this Jags team was his last chance. And he definitely impressed. We need to resign him immediately!

Bruce Wayne

Don’t forget that ALL of us in Philly are now Jags fans. Love you guys ❤. You’ll be fine. You’ve got the best coach in the league and an amazing QB and team. See you in the bowl soon. 🎉

    Storm Kwan

    good at nfc championship game

jesse green

Thank you to the best media team in the NFL! Sounds of the Game has become a Tuesday tradition!! Can’t wait until next season when we get them all the way to the Superbowl!!

Aj Jackson

A season to remember guys! Keep your heads up. Us fans definitely will!! Great job looking forward to the future. DTWD

Antonio Mangueira

The pride I feel with this team. We reached far when no one expected us to. We won the division when no one expected us to. And when we came short it was against an arguable for best team in the league and we fought them until the end.
Coach P, thank you. The legendary leadership you have is undescribable. thank you.
Offense you did very well Trev with a great second half of the season along with Kirk and Ingram and the O-Line gained momentum from it. Thank you as well.
Special teams, you came clutch. You were a part of it too! Thank you.
And to our Defense. You held down our fort. You made the comeback against the Chargers possible, you kept multiple great offenses in check, you showed that Sacksonville is gonna return, and for that we thank you.
And now we go again next season, work hard and we keep believing because we are the Jags. And all the fans will always ride with the team.

Kareem Rivers

Fantastic as usual! Can’t wait to see the bounce back. Go Jags!!


A crazy season ended in the saddest way. I was ok with us losing, but the way we lost just makes me so annoyed. I know the players are going through it.

Enrique Lopez

From a Chiefs fan, this video was a masterpiece. And I’m so proud of y’all were able to do this season. I would’ve been cheering for y’all to win the whole thing, had we lost. Trevor and Doug are an amazing combo and this franchise has a lot to be excited about going forward.

    matt p

    It really was a historical season. There’s a lot to look forward to next season.

HighCalibur Gaming

This team made me love football again.

Makayla Haynes

What a season! Also, congrats to Coach Pederson for AFC Coach of the Year!!

Trevor's Headband

What a team. What a season. Ive followed every second of this season. Proud… To be a jags fan. This loss needed to happen to make us a better team in the future. Shout-out to the best damn media team in all of football. Arguably the world of sports.

Anthony Brown

I dont think ive ever seen such a connected lockerroom from this organization. Absolutely love it.

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