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David Andrews, Brandon Bolden and James Develin discuss going undrafted and what making the team means to them.

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31 replies on “Undrafted: David Andrews, Brandon Bolden and James Develin”

  1. Patriots would literally be the only team to hire someone from Walmart, and mold them to victory. 😁 Yay, Go Pats! Ring seven, here we come! 🎉

  2. Develin the god. Andrews the god. Bolden the god. Edelman 7th round god. Brady 6th round god. White 4th round god. Gronkowski 2nd round god. And people say the Patriots can’t draft.

  3. I was actually thinking about UDFA the other day and I think the reason the Pats seem so good at finding these “hidden gems” every year is not necessarily because they have some magic ball or something, but because these guys go into camp with an actual opportunity to compete for a roster spot.  I seem to recall a lot of vets that have come to NE after a long career elsewhere talking about how, unlike their old team, no one is a favorite, if someone is performing better than you, you’re on the bench, or on some scrub team the next week.  BB doesn’t give a damn if you’re a 1st rounder or a 6th (sound like a certain QB we all love?) or even a UDFA (the “should’ve run it” interception), best player gets on the field, period.

  4. I still have Bolden photographs I took at 2012 training camp on my computer. 😄

  5. 3 Awesome Gentlemen Whom we Fans of the Sport of Football and the Patriots are Honored to have seen Play and Win Superbowl’s with the New England Patriots! To these 3 Awesome Guys we hope to Never loose you, Money is Money but Family is for ever and to US Fans you got your Start here and you are like Family!!! Cow}:-o)

  6. when your a late round pick or undrafted every games a super bowl for you, cause every game could be your last.

  7. @Simon Knight he good to but devlin man i think cant take another away from neither one tho

  8. ANOTHER reason why the current Patriots with Robert Kraft as owner and Bill Belichick as coach are the greatest pro sports organization in history!

  9. You can tell how happy Bolden is to be back when he talks about NE being the only team that gave him a chance it must have really hurt him to have to leave last year good to see him back.

  10. Men thats what separates the pats from the other teams they see things differently

  11. Glad Holden got rid of the goofy hair. He might actually focus now. Please trade him to Denver for Lock and a 3rd round pick.

  12. 3 of my favorites!
    Each went undrafted and have 2+ Superbowl wins with the Pats.
    I love it. 💜
    Go Pats

  13. Funny how the patriots take the rejected guys, they have something to prove and work hard to prove everyone wrong, great motivation and team effort.

  14. Patriots turning spare parts into a well-oiled machine. Always remembering Hogan, Lewis and Van Noy’s stories and their importance on winning Super Bowl LI. #GoPats

  15. @Al Henderson Develin’s success will reverse that. Dude is justifying the FB position in the modern NFL. Best run blocking FB in the league.

  16. My boy got a chance to get a new ring added to his collection. We have the same Birthday.

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