Under the Helmet: Romeo Okwara – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ThatNerdLucky Reply

This is dope. He seem like he would be cool to hang around

LionZ Reply

Keep setting the edge and is fans need like 8+ sacks #Onepride #DetroitvsEverybody

    bigperm079 Reply


HolyHails Reply

Heck yeah, this was great! Do we get to vote on who does this?


Really cool content would love to see a lot of this

Daniel Griffiths Reply

I love photography also, headed to the UP to get some fall waterfall photos. Great Video! 👍

A12DOZEN Reply

Cool guy glad he’s a lion.

nate k Reply

Favorite player on the D-Line. Glad he is on the Lions. Love your personality and interest Romeo. Keep up the great work brother. Would love to meet you one day.

    Der Goes Mobby Reply

    Mine too

WT Davidson Reply

What a beautiful little film. It’s kinda great to get to know a little about an elite athlete beyond football, especially the eclectic tastes and talent of R.O. Can’t help but appreciate his open and curious approach to life, and especially his wide ranging musical loves. Not sounding at all bad on the Les Paul either.
And love to Aretha and Motown after all these years. We’re still standing in the shadows.
Go Lions.

J Schultz Reply

This guy is cool.

niceguy217 Reply

He’s been allowed to flourish in the system that let’s him play to his strengths. And is a cool person as well, and the most well rounded are ones with eclectic interests.

Straight From The Gecko Reply

These are dope. Love to see more

TheKingFadez Reply

Wow. Really unique story. Cool dude. Crazy to see how different every football players lives are

Der Goes Mobby Reply

Most Underrated player on the roster

bigperm079 Reply


Ekoed Reply

Marvin and Romeo need to Colab on a song!

bigperm079 Reply

Another gem for the giants, 🦁🦁🦁

Steven P Reply

Nigeria is a brutal country. I once listened to a 2 hour podcast with somebody from there, makes you appreciate what you don’t have to deal with.

Brian Ellis Reply

Awesome. That’s a cool dude. Love all the retro typewriters, camera’s, records, etc. Very chill vibes.

    Brian Ellis Reply

    Also love his work ethic on the field.

Jojo Giles Reply

Fields of Joy. Also Fela Kuti’s brilliant man, everyone should check him out.

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