Under Center with Kirk Cousins: Struggles In Green Bay, Raiders Preview | Episode 3 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Under Center with Kirk Cousins: Struggles In Green Bay, Raiders Preview | Episode 3

On this week's episode of 'Under Center with Kirk Cousins,' Cousins and co-host Mark Rosen reflect back on Sunday's loss to the Green Bay Packers, look ahead to this week's game against the Oakland Raiders, and are joined by a pair of Minnesota Vikings legends as Fran Tarkenton and Gene Washington both call in to chat. Listen to the show on all popular podcast platforms by searching for 'Kirk Cousins' or 'Minnesota Vikings Podcast Network.'

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John Q Reply

You’re better than last week Kirk. You know it, we know it. Get it together and have a good bounce back game this week.

    Xeng Thao Reply

    against a raiders team, he better be.

    aaron afre Reply


Theo Freier Reply

Damn Rosie didn’t waste any time lol

Ryan Damon Reply

SKOL 💜💜💛💛

Jack Donovan Reply

Oakland is a must win. Let’s go Kirk you got this

    aaron afre Reply

    He for this one.

zrizzle Reply

What bugs me out is that Cousins is obviously an extremely talented player. If he didn’t have as many brain farts per game as he has, he would be one of the best quarterbacks in the league

    felixvikes28 Reply

    His pocket awareness bother’s me and ablity to hold onto the ball!

    Sam Konstan Reply

    Well said- watching his highlights, you can see how impressive his arm is- especially in dropping passes right over defenders, something he had trouble with this week. If he could reach his arms potential, given our defense and run game… we could really go somewhere

    Gee Mac72 Reply

    Lots of guys have talent to do much of the job of NFL QB. But if you don’t have mental toughness, you won’t last long. Cousins has done financially well for such a player but his gravy train is coming to an end soon.

NvikIngsN Reply

Good show. Good guests.

felixvikes28 Reply

People forget Kirk threw some dimes the previous games vs Packers.

    aaron afre Reply

    Considering all the mistakes we made we were one play away from a dub . This week we good

    Skoldier Soup Reply

    Kirk is incredibly accurate. He can get it done.

    Cynosure Beats Reply

    how bout the long dime to Diggsy on the helmet penalty?

    aaron afre Reply

    @Cynosure Beats I know!

rich1277p Reply

Is anyone gonna ask Kirk if he has stage fright?

Fred smith Reply

The defender lost track of where Stefon Diggs was (looking at Cousins and out of reach of Diggs), if you seen something in the film room you could have put in the play to cut back at the R in the Packers logo diggs would have been so wide open you could have floated it to within 10 yards of him, easy touchdown !

Fred smith Reply

The corner is way over used in the NFL it would seem to me that it would be an advantage to fake to the corner and cut back along the backside of the endzone. Especially when you have a defender that watches the quarterback! But it is very important to study that defender in the film room first.

    aaron afre Reply

    I’m impressed .. fabulous

Andrew Manzi Reply

Raiders are currently a .500 team so Kirk directing the offense should get a W! SKOL!

imtc 88 Reply

The new rule is going to make me stop watching football. I am going to give it one more game,  my opinion they ruined football.

    aaron afre Reply

    The QBs protection is one thing.. but at this point the cba is nit picking .

Skoldier Soup Reply

Kirk this is just a bump in the road. We believe you can do this still. And we will bounce back. Let’s get this win on Sunday get back on track and go game by game 1 at a time. Stay focused! SKOL!

Craig Flick Reply

perfection? hilarious

George Stuck Reply

Youre kiling us kirk with all the turnovers just like last year. Tarkenton now thats a QB

B Fishing Reply

Thing is, kirk can increase his speed on his feet if he worked at it. He needs a little more speed. Defense is a little more faster now days then they were back when Fran played.

    Shuntaro Furukawa Reply

    He can but he knows if he tears his alc that means less 💰💰💰

Ian Smith Reply

I want Kirk to EAT. LETS GOOO⚒😈 Just let the man sling it. I feel like he feels like he’s not appreciated which WEIGHS on one’s psyche. Thus, could leave to poor play. Have this game be a pass heavy game and get his confidence up, the team’s confidence in him, and let him get his rhythm in!!

Sam Konstan Reply

Comments: 635

Comments after blocking Craig Flick: 66


why is there so much videos?

David Wynn Reply

The Minnesota Vikings Fan Base is so weak its pathetic. Kirk Cousins is what his record says he his. Cousins’ career record against teams with a winning record is just 5-26. His career record in prime time games is 6-13. Face it, the Minnesota Vikings Fan Base got duped by this fake NFL QB.

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