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Oakland Native Reply

stretch the field more with this guy..he 6’4


    They need Rico gafford to back him up as #2 to help as another deep threat

    Troy Butcher Reply

    @WHYSOSERIOUS? We need speed on outside we have all these slow guys and only 1 good wr Tyrell & a TE in Carrier that’s all we have and defenses know this. We also need Jacob’s out there catching not blocking hes to big of a threat to be blocking


    Troy Butcher yo I seen him catch and accelerate he can take it to the house

    Troy Butcher Reply

    @WHYSOSERIOUS? Yeah but preseason is whole different ball game. Alot of young guys ballout in preseason bc their going against other young guys, rookies and 2nd, 3rd team guys. I like him as well but if he was that good he would be in our lineup. We need a dangerous weapon on the other side across from William’s. We thought we were gd at wideout this year but that was before Antonio “Clown” The Brown-Stain Started RAPING everyone blind. Only if we knew that Ben RapistBurgler raped AB & turned him into a Raper before we traded for him we would have figured something else out.

    Jrock Lopez Reply

    They will..like he said..he cant wait to play them again..he hates the Cheifs just as much as we do

Omc 559 Reply

We need another fast receiver next to Williams

    Troy Butcher Reply

    @enrique bravo Its a possibility but for the low risk vs high reward I was look at it if I was the Raiders. We can get him on a cheap 1 year deal and see what happens

    DF Rellom Reply

    Raiders have a bunch, though never proven but with huge upside like Rico gathers, JJNelson, Doss, and a couple of others. If they could mold them right (Teams like patriots, colts, chiefs, Packers are very good at that) they could have an explosive offense without breaking the bank.

    Troy Butcher Reply

    @DF Rellom We don’t have the luxury of waiting on these guys we need them now. Yes if AB didn’t lose his fn mind we wouldn’t even be having this conversation bc were 1 playmakers away from being unstoppable! But this is where we are right now and it’s not as bad as we make it out to be. I mean not every team is going flip the scoreboard from 10-0 to 28-10 in a quarter of football. The Chiefs are a top 2 or 3 team in the NFL. But we do need one of these guys to step up or to go get someone who’s a number 1 wr or big time PLAYMAKER or a speedster. We need open up this offense if were going be a successful team. We need a WR more the a P. Ramsey but I wouldn’t mind having Ramsey either depending on the compensation. If we had a true #1 wr to go along with Williams who has done a gd job filling in as a #1, we would be unstoppable on offense! I like Williams alot but we need another outside receiver opposite of Williams and desperately! Jacobs is the real deal if he can stay healthy hes going Keep getting better every game. He made some cuts in game 2 that he missed in game 1. He should have gotten more carries & I’m sure that was the game plan but he pulled himself for cramps and fluid then got hurt (groin) but not serious. He just missed some crucial playing time as well as Williams through out this game where we could have used them and it hurt us.

    Ethan Habinck Reply

    We need JJ back he’s pretty quick

    Troy Butcher Reply

    @Ethan Habinck I agree Nelson will help us out

JJmonz Reply

Best get another receiver, we need more firepower, and obviously defense needs to step up

    Troy Butcher Reply

    Kevin White 6’3″ 4.35 speed long, athletic, burner, high points the ball and has hands! Hes been hurt alot but he’s currently a F.A., Healthy and would be worth the risk considering we could get him cheap bc his injury concerns! Start asking for this guy in comments bc I’m telling ya he can be everything we are missing right now! I watched this guy for years and he the real deal if healthy! Plus 2 of his former teammates are already on the Raiders!

Anthony Ruiz Reply

I cant wait to play them again!!! That’s the headline to this video!!!

    Dwight Gentry Reply

    You’ll have two losses….and I forget how many in a row lol

Roosevelt Winters Reply

Refs should have called pass interference a few times. I wonder if he didn’t get them because hes so big

    Double D Reply

    careful what you wish for. experts say Officials could call 5 holding/penalties per team on ever down. that tells you they pick and chose when and what to call for. it might go your way. it might not. but to assume your team is innocent and the other is always guilty is absurd and only makes you look ignorant.

Johnny Dez Reply

Haha Tyrell didn’t know that’s the Chargers M.O , they’re a streaky Team

Erv Brown Reply

love Williams ! great pickup for us

Martin M Castro Reply

Raiders need to call up Rico Gafford. He got them burners 🔥

    Troy Butcher Reply

    Sign Kevin White 6’3″ 4.35 speed this guy is a problem he’s a F.A. and healthy! Has injury history but the risk vs reward would be def worth a chance on him. We could sign him for pennies on the dollar due to his injury concerns. Start asking for this guy in comments bc he is exactly the kind of player that can open up the field as well as be a dynamic deep threat!

    Leon Florence Reply

    @Troy Butcher After all the injuries he’s had he’s probably like a 4.7 now

    Troy Butcher Reply

    @Leon Florence Idk every single injury off hand but a couple was for a fractured leg not like an Achilles or something like that. He was on Arizona in the offseason and camp but suffered a minor injury and they released him. Before that they were talking about how gd he looked and how he was going have a big year but now he’s a F.A. and yes with a horrendous injury history since entering the NFL. But there is very little risk and a very high reward if he stays healthy.

gabriel adame Reply

I love his mentality.. “it’s only 1 game”

    Dino Ruiz Reply

    gabriel adame Right poor guy don’t know Raiders ain’t the Chargers though. Snake bitten franchise don’t even know If Gruden is the right coach for them either.

    chefmarcos Reply

    Dino Ruiz lol are you a professional troll or something?

    Dino Ruiz Reply

    chefmarcos lol why can’t i just be a tough fan to please haha

    StuntzMcKenzy Reply

    1 game against a division rival… it don’t matter tho.

Casey Canez Reply

“Throw a flag on this foo..” 😂😂

Adam C Reply

He better learn to expect the ball everytime when its 1on1 at the goal line and the other team is showing blits. He wasnt ready for that matchup but Carr tried to throw it up for him.

    Robert Jackman Reply


Felix Tessel Reply

What are the songs in the first shots?
They sound real good

    jay fairman Reply

    Da baby

Truth B Told Reply

I like this guy. In the game. Upbeat positive winning mentality.

noBS Reply

I’m confused. If he can not be covered, we should score on each drive.

Danny Reyes Reply

Damm win on 3 didn’t sound very loud

Jack Tate Reply

The Raiders go up by 10 and then Gruden pulls the plug damn it.

    Dino Ruiz Reply

    Fix was in. Watch how wide open there recievers were.

    Double D Reply

    lol @ this guy thinking it was Grudens fault. buahahahahaha

BoloradoAnthony Reply

We need to trade for jaylen ramsey!!

    J Castaneda Reply


    Robert Jackman Reply

    I’d be happy either way either cop him and have a solid solid secondary

    Or draft a WR1 and CB1 next year
    That could be what we need to push for post season

Dan R Reply

Here’s an interesting fact: if it wasn’t for that magical game against the Chiefs in 2017 (the one where the refs gave the Raiders like four chances to get into the end zone),
Derek Carr would be 1-10 against the Chiefs. That’s right, 1-10. Carr has lost mentally to the Chiefs.

Supermoan Reply

We need 2 get D Parker out of Miami to pair up with Williams. It’ll be a scary combo😬😬😬

Tempo Lee Reply

When they said win on 3 only 2 out of 53 said win!😂😂😂😂

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