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Tyreek Hill Is Back & Grabs 2 TDs! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Tyreek Hill makes his return to Kansas City and picks up 80 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Andrew Kyle Reply

As most Australians say
“What a bloody legend”

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Hills has been a beast since he came into the league. Chiefs will be fine, but they have to make some changes on defense.

    COLLECTOR30 Reply

    Damion Rios you didn’t watch the game. The defense just couldn’t get a stop to save themselves. They didn’t even kick and field goal and went on it for 4th down cause they knew chiefs defense sucks

    Damion Rios Reply

    I did watch the game i seem a fumble by Texans an interception by Kc which turned to a td just go ahead and make your excuses just miss the whole part where Patrick over threw the ball under threw the ball didnt get rid of it quick enough go and blame the team that actually put in work if the defense was so bad they wouldve lost by more

    Damion Rios Reply

    COLLECTOR30 not to mention the fact that he had the ball at the end of the game and went 3 and out whos to blame there?

    donavon pip Reply

    Damion Rios is he supposed to make every drive a td? 3 touchdowns and 273 yards is enough for any team with a competent defense to win…

    Fabian T Reply

    You think the Chiefs are fine? They need to do something with that defense Or else we Could Be an early exit

Billy Bob Reply

Damn everyone be hyping up Mahomes when he benefits from having an amazing offensive supporting cast would like to see play with Brady’s WRs

    PAT MAGOAT Reply

    Mahomes would probably have a 17+ point spread undefeated season with Brady’s cast

    Billy Bob Reply

    PAT MAGOAT well no cause he wouldn’t have any WRs aka why Mahomes is relevant

    Slim is chillin Reply

    Billy Bob!

    aaron berhane Reply

    Billy Bob Josh Gordon is good

    Billy Bob Reply

    aaron berhane not this year

천종범 Reply


Adrian Prebeck Reply

Aaaaand they lost

Hunter Boyles Reply

So we ain’t gon talk about his fortnite celebration at the end? (I dont know where the original dance came from so dont crucify me for calling it a fortnite celebration 😭😂)

    Man Mr Reply


    brittle bone bobby Reply

    What’s fortnite?

    Jozz Wheeden Reply

    You are right about it being a fortnite dance. The announcers said it was a NSYNC dance… wrong. Don’t they realize football fans and boy bands do not mix?

James Innes Reply

Chiefs are a fraud

aobgreatness1 Reply

That’s a fast lil flamboyant midget

David Rosales Reply


Twitch _3rdparty Reply

My boi hill did the Shimmer emote in fortnite 😂💯 1:09

Thanks Thanks Reply

For Mahomes and The Cheetah it’s “Free Real Estate”

Amit Grover Reply

That td dance needs to be put on madden asap

ugoshow1 Reply

Tyreek Hill a South Georgia Cheetah

Tripp Trinidad Reply

My fantasy team is saved!!

1 BlackAnt Reply

Haha Chiefs and Cowboys lost AGAIN


Choking you pregnant girlfriend: 👍🏻
Breaking the arm of your toddler: 👍🏻
Threatening to do the same to the mother of your child if she doesn’t talk to you the way you demand: 👍🏻
Tackling a quarterback: ❌❌❌
Thanks, Goodell!

    NuBz KxLL Reply

    Prove that hill did what your saying he did smh assumptions

    Loyalty Reply

    Only a man will understand this and some men aint men out here!💯


Aaaand now I can go back to winning fantasy games.

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply

They need him healthy for them too catch raiders in standings ⏫🔁⏭


That dance at the end was sweet lol

Big T Reply

Everybody acting like he didn’t break his 3 year old sons arm

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