Tyreek Hill has everything to prove off the field | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tyreek Hill has everything to prove off the field | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

has a long way to go to repair his image and earn the trust back of fans and media after an offseason marred with controversy. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #TyreekHill
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has everything to prove off the field | Pro Talk | NBC Sports


SO GLAD PFT LIVE IS BACK! Cheers for the professional reporting

    Anita Squire

    Too bad it is scoured and they don’t have all the facts or a choose to completely ignore them. They are hypocrites. Brooke’s reporting was in fact false and not vetted or fully investigated.she edited and spliced audio to fit a false narrative for more clicks.
    Where is the apology? The recanting with the fact that Espinal lied and is the one that hurt that child (by her own admission) and her and her family are under investigation for extortion?
    He never beat her in 2014 he deserves to be cleared by the media. They owe him. He is the victim


    Anita Squire BIG FACTS


    Tyreek !!

    Big Duke

    Professional does not describe these 2 morons.


The Cheetah’s back baby!!! Let’s get it!!! This host is trash.

Greg Hudson

She also asked a legitimate question. Tyreek hill has a long way to go and I’m sure the Chiefs PR team is going crazy every time he speaks.

    Butch Davis

    It’s been an absolute PR nightmare


    she also talk alot of trash about him. She lucky that was all she got. No one in KC wants her reporting about the chiefs at all and she has got Death threat
    s. She is very bad at her job. but death threats is a little over board.

Micah Vogan

Isn’t this idiot supposed to give up the NFL and leave his job? Media would be better off without Florio. Brooke is the person that edited the audio and made it worst than it really was. You know the audio you can’t stop talking about. she should be fired as well.


    Micah Vogan BIG FACTS

    Micah Hayes

    Agreed. It didn’t matter what he said or didn’t say in that interview ppl and the media were going to dissect it and blow up anything they think was negative. ALSO; cool 1st name @ Micah!! Lol

Micah Vogan

Florio is trash and Brooke is a hack journalist. Florio needs to step down as he said he would. PFT would be a much better show with that idiot being gone.

Kaj MacPherson

I don’t know what you’re saying u know

Errin OBryan

Tyreek is not perfect…but many intelligent people are looking more and more at the fiance being the problem in this issue…..Calling him out for having a grudge against a reporter that more than likely followed the “media line” in crucifying him

Renaldo Delcambre

Chris who are you? To win someone, you sound like a teenage girl. I’m sure your opinion of him, will hurt his career. 😂😂😂 these dudes are a joke. I see they only did research and find something to fit their narrative, there is no proof of him doing anything, but these two keep insisting that he did. 🤡🤡🤡


    Thank you these guys are clowns and fook brooke shes a dumb hoe

Mark Smith

You guys a lame asses…. Wow!!!

Edwin J Baker


Chris Stricklin

Brooke Pryor didn’t react to the situation. She created it with an edited recording she released to the public for shock value and ratings


tryeek dont give a fook what the media thinks fook off

Nick Mihopoulos

I dont know man, you know

GOlden St8

Woman beater

Tyran Watson

Okay he asked her name and the polite way and gave her a smile these guys are over-reaching and created a whole story out of a smile and they question then they go on to repeat everything Tyreek Hill said about he needs to grow like he didn’t say that already in the press conference . Everyone says crazy things out of anger he just got recorded these two guys information haven’t been out there for people to witness so they’re doing the judging right now. What they can do it’s just chill see what happens and forgive let God judge.

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