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Tyreek Hill Goes UP for Mahomes’ Jump Ball!!

Tyreek Hill climbs the ladder to grab Patrick Mahomes' jump ball for the touchdown. The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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skullman cheese Reply

How do you get mossed by a 5’10 speedster

    Lil Bill Reply

    skullman cheese they were offsides, that’s why he just threw it up

    Dooky Reply

    @Bill Eddy The throw was great???? Another Mahomes peen gobbler.

    Frank Candiloro Reply

    Throw was garbage a blind man can see that. The catch however was outstanding

    No Name Reply

    Frank Candiloro Mahomes knew if he got intercepted it would get called back so he decided to take a shot

    Young pop Reply

    He not just a speedster

Anthony Young Reply

Bro this man just jumped so high it don’t make no sense

ugoshow1 Reply

Tyreek Hill a South Georgia Cheetah

    Big Law LLC Reply

    South Florida 🏈🌞Product we breed ballers down here and he moved to the G.A. near his teen years.

    Rory Colgan Reply


NebraskaSXHC Reply

He almost jumped too high, wtf?

Sheila Russell Reply

Great Catch. Soooooooh glad he is healthy again!!!!!!!!!😊

Rayvon OddBoy Reply

Tyreek Jordan

Peter Hamby Reply

Tyreek “Climbing the” Hill!

Columbia Heights Village Reply

I’m assuming dB never saw YouTube video of him windmill 😂

Reynaldo Garcia Reply

I’m loving it Texans good job!!! We got our warrior qb!!!!


@jeremy stark look like you gonna loose a bet🤘🏼💧

Kab0osePlays Reply

Best Athlete in the NFL, no one even comes close

Demetrius Hall Reply

Tyreek is 5’9 but plays like his 6’5

Ohio Asap Reply

How did Texans get the ball back after they scored

Savage Vikes Reply

”Imma a big boy now”–Tyreek Hill

King Greed Reply

lets go Texans!

André Lima Reply

Insane atlheticism but also his timing on the ball wow

Reynaldo Garcia Reply

Heck yea Texans good job!!!!

It's PATRICK Reply

Hold this L

SneakOne_ Reply

My fantasy team appreciates that 😉

H a a h o M.M. Reply

The best WR of the chiefs

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