Tyrann Mathieu Mic’d Up | Week 2 vs. Oakland Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Golden Paydirt Reviews Reply

Honey badger 🦡 bring a team leader! That’s all I care for! Pumping up his teammates and playing hard is worth every cent!

eric siggins Reply

Go chiefs

jose velazco Reply

That championship swagger right ther

Ahmy B Reply

Yep they didn’t throw in the honey badger direction did they?!

    kemari brown Reply

    Ahmy B Lol nah bro honey badger was out there handling business

    thunderdude Reply

    hell nah. LoL!

    YouGotHouses WeGotMahomes Reply

    They did actually. Just decided not to show it on here. That PI he got was pretty awful. Was a 50/50 ball. He need to go up and get it. Not shove the receiver.

RuelMP Reply

That last pick should have been pass interference, but gg

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @RuelMP lol ok buddy good luck losing to the Vikings

    RuelMP Reply

    Keaden Wheeler I will. I’ve been a raider fan since 03… I’m use to losing. Lol. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @RuelMP why tho…

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @RuelMP when my chiefs lose I get pissed

    RuelMP Reply

    @Keaden Wheeler I get low key salty too, but I don’t lose my mind anymore lol After the Raiders, I just love watching football and focus on fantasy football

Trey Sportsman Reply

Glad we got him

Norseman Reply

This guy is gonna light $#/4 up

21JulioJonesMahomes21 Reply

Let’s Goooooi!!!!!!!!!!!

Takoda Leach Reply

Most impactful free agent signing in the NFL

Lanzo Lanzo Reply

Let’s take they house let’s go lol and we gon take they new house too 😂😂😂

Real Chiefs Talk Reply

Anybody notice Thornhill needs reassurance from Honey Badger that Thornhill belongs here?

I warned #ChiefsKingdom of what type of player he was. I don’t want to hear complaining about Thornhill now.

    Luke Yaple Reply

    You think he’s a bum?

MrAndrewLikes Reply

“I hate that dirt” – yeah….everyone does. Ridiculous the NFL even allows it

    Steve Reply

    MrAndrewLikes what part did he say that at in the timeline? Can’t find it lol

John Brown Reply


Sean S. Reply

Apparently we actually about to pickup Ramsey….if this does in fact happen, this will be the best Chiefs team literally in the history of this franchise….lets get it.

    saflip969 Reply

    RAMSEY = over rated


    @saflip969 if he behaves this is an upgrade .

Nevermore Reply

He sounds like Michael rooker when yelling

bowlchamps37 Reply

I don´t know why all black players always talk like they are in the ghetto setting up a drug deal.

    Ronasia Reply

    Stfu please

Sol 123 Reply

I love how he said”championship swagger”. And he’s right if we keep fighting and playing like we are, that Lambardi trophy is ours!!!

josh posey Reply

He’s still a good player but the defense still sorry asf…

KlassicBeats1 Reply

tyrann really sets the other guys up to get picks cause of how good he shuts down his zone or the player he’s covering. the qb has no choice but to throw it somewhere else much credit and respect to the veteran!

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